Power Rangers Movie – Power Rangers Zord Posters (Trailer At New York Comic Con)

Saban’s Power Rangers Movie Official Character and Zords Posters.

Power Rangers Movie Cast: Ludi Lin (Zack/Black Ranger), Naomi Scott (Kimberly/Pink Ranger), RJ Cyler (Billy/Blue Ranger), Becky G (Trini/Yellow Ranger), and Dacre Montgomery (Jason/Red Ranger)

Lionsgate revealed the Power Rangers Movie Zord Posters, featuring the cast on top of their iconic Dino Zords! Together We Are More!

The cast of #PowerRangersMovie will be attending New York Comic Con for a panel on Saturday, October 8th! The first look at the Power Rangers movie trailer will be shown at the panel. We may also see the new Power Rangers Movie toys (Megazord, Action Figures, and Morpher) at Bandai Booth.

Bill Hader has been cast as Alpha 5 in the movie. He will be joining Elizabeth Banks and Bryan Cranston in the upcoming movie.

Saban’s Power Rangers Movie will premiere on March 24, 2017.

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The film will be based on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Project Almanac’s Dean Israelite is directing the movie.

Power Rangers Dino Super Charge is currently airing on Nickelodeon. .

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  1. If this could end up being a shard universe like the MCU then I wonder if
    we could get a movie version of the Mega War with all the Rangers from
    Mighty Morphin to Ninja Steel and what if they included Go-Busters and
    ToQger in the line up because they skipped them in the T.V universe but the
    movie universe could be a different story and we have a idea that
    Go-Busters would be called something like Energy Chasers and maybe ToQger
    could be Rail Racers or something but if they wanted to they could give
    them the Super Megaforce powers from Gokaiger so that they have quick
    access to all the Ranger Powers of the past present and future


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