Pokemon GO – FIX Failed To Get Game Data From The Server – The Truth

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Like it or hate it, I break down the Truth regarding the “Failed to get game data from the server.” Watch and listen closely, there is no need to ever watch any other video on YouTube regarding this message!!

Nothing but 100% legit play is ban proof, heck even legit accounts are getting banned by the sketchy ban methods being used right now. Never use with any account you are not willing to lose, its just a game, but you have been warned.

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  1. I like when you suggest to get 10 new accounts at 2:47.
    Well, I got banned in my main legitimate account. Didn’t used any bot or
    any gps spoof app still got banned. Luckily, I didn’t spend any real money
    on that account. And now I’ll not gonna play legit starting from 0 level,
    instead I’m gonna use bot.


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