Overwatch Halloween Event – New Skins, Emotes And Highlight Intros

Overwatch Halloween Event is here! There’s new Overwatch Halloween skins, emotes, highlight intros and more! I’ll show you each new Overwatch Halloween Skin, each Overwatch Halloween Terror Emote and each Overwatch Halloween Highlight Intro!

The Overwatch Halloween Terror event runs from today until November the 1st! Logging in during the Halloween Overwatch event will get you one free Halloween Lootbox to open! Lootboxes that you earn and buy during the halloween Overwatch event are guaranteed to give you at least one spooky Halloween item, similar to the Summer Games event. Unlike the Summer Games event, you can purchase Halloween Overwatch skins, emotes, highlight intros, sprays, voice lines and more with credits! Epic quality items cost 750 credits while the Legendaries such as Witch Mercy cost 3000 Credits.

The new skins are Ghoul Ana, Tombstone Bastion, Demon Hanzo, Dr Junkenstein Junkrat, Witch Mercy, Possessed Pharah, Pumpkin Reaper, Coldhardt Reinhardt, Junkenstein’s Monster Roadhog, Immortal 76, Vampire Symmetra and Skullyatta Zenyatta. There are also three new emotes – Ana Candy Emote, Winston Shadow Puppets Emote, and Reinhardt Pumpkin Smash Emote. The new highlight intros are Genji – Pumpkin Carving Highlight Intro, Mei – Ice Screm Highlight Intro, and Reaper Eternal Rest Highlight intro.

Play Overwatch during the Halloweeen Terror event to unlock these and more! There are Halloween voice lines and sprays not shown.



  1. I was hyped to know they made highlight intros for Halloween, I always
    thought the specific hero would open the door and say “trick or treat!”

  2. Bought around 20 box’s got a nice chunk of epics and 3 halloween legendary
    skins so only mercy left! (which is the one i want most too!)

  3. “But we don’t really have a good view of the shadow and we have a very good
    view of um…Winston” I SNORTED SO HARD HAHAHA

  4. My favourite is ghoul Ana! Loved the shrike skin but hated how it was less
    rare… But now it’s like a sweet compromise ^0^

  5. I would have love to see a Banshee themed widow and a ghostly looking rifle
    with the banshee scream on charged shots. My favourites are Mercy and
    Reaper tho ^^

  6. My favorite skin is probably the phara one, it’s so awesome but I wish she
    had a skull helmet. I’m also really happy that you can buy the skins
    because during the summer games I bought like 80 loot boxes so I can have
    the symmetra ribbon emote that I wanted >< I also really like the Mei
    highlight intro. I guess it's time to go back to overwatch after playing
    only legion since it launched

  7. Since they’re purchasable, will you still be able to get them when the
    event ends? Or are they only purchasable during the event? Please answer
    because I’m not going to have Overwatch until December, and I really want
    those skins.


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