Origins Of The Green Lanterns, Birth Of The Emotional Spectrum

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  1. I would love to see a diamond ring (the entire ring would be a diamond like substance), that stands for bravery and courage. Wedding rings don’t count, lol.

  2. I really feel for volthoom he really cared and loved his mom and his earth that’s one of the ultimate pain to feel is that loss it hurts beyond what words can describe

  3. I think I understand now. Volthoom is begging for death, but as long as life in the universe exists, he will continue to exist. Would this mean he will try and bring about a new Blackest Night, in the hopes that it will be enough to allow himself to die?

  4. Uh, why the hell can’t he just make a new Travel Lantern? He and his mom CREATED the damn thing with a “the world is about to end” deadline, and this was before anyone had much of a connection to one of the most powerful forces in the universe.

    He’s had BILLION of years with immortality and INFINITE GODDAMN POWER, but he can’t create something he already made once? Why the hell not?

    The weirdest thing is, his earth was destroyed by superboy-prime, and at one point, a future version of superboy-boy became Time-Trapper, went back in time, and fought alongside his younger self before everyone found out that time is fluid and thus can change. Prime killed time-trapper, making a paradox that almost erased him from existence.
    Meaning- if the one who killed earth-15 could change history and make a paradox, then so could he.
    pre-new52 was a VERY strange place


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