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Who knew that there would be even more Star Wars action figure news closer to Force Friday?? Haha, this guy! Bandai model kits (YAY!), another S.H. Figuarts announcement (WOOHOO!) and some newly solicited Medicom MAFEX figures (ummmm….okay). But it’s all Star Wars so I’m happy!

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  1. Han Solo looks great, but that Chewie is way too short… I know many
    Figuarts figures are generally on the small side, but Han and Chewie have
    to be correct size relative to each other – otherwise it looks very wrong.

  2. Is there any events that you know of at any stores for force/rogue friday
    this year? I’m especially interested in walmart. Or are they just releasing
    the new toys without any kind of celebration like they did last year?

  3. Oh no, do you think the Black Series Hover Tank Driver will be/become
    available outside of America and in the UK even as a general release?.

    I have to say, your reviews/videos are the best and you include many of the
    issues I think about :)

  4. Thats great news as far as model kits go. BS has really dropped the ball on
    sculpt and paint apps as far as the new troopers go. Built the C-3PO model
    kit and its a stunner. I will wait for the Death Trooper Model Kit and the
    Scarif Trooper ( Shore Trooper ) that BS seriously seriously just dropped
    the damn ball with. I’m pretty disappointed with the Tank Pilot from BS as
    it looks like they forgot to paint the shoulders and it just kinda looks
    sloppy to me. That all being said I think the only BS figure from the first
    wave that interests me is K-2SO which looks really good. Hoping against
    hope they make a model kit for that Tank Pilot as he just looks the most
    bad ass out of all the new troop characters. Probably gonna have to splurge
    and buy that Figuarts Tank Pilot.

  5. Best figure channel on youtube. I always watch videos signed out and never
    comment or sub. But I love you and want to show my support. Keep doing your
    thing, bro.

  6. “I would be divorced, homeless, but I would have a lot of cool shit” made
    me laugh harder than any YouTube video has ever made me laugh before

  7. Most of my stores have Rogue One Black Series figures out, but when I
    purchased them they had to override the system because they wouldn’t ring

  8. Is it me or does the model kit of K2so look a little thicker than he is in
    the film? The black series seems to have the better lankier proportions.

  9. Would love to see your review on those Hasbro Black Series StormTrooper’s
    helmet especially Halloween is just around the corner and everyone are
    excited to know if these are worth getting comparing to those cosplay
    helmet that cost $30 at Target.

  10. fwoosh, you’re so chill, i hope you get more subs but never lose that human
    element to you. the “shit im going to have to spend more money” and “some
    ppl do crack or cars, my addiction is toys” part of ya :P

  11. divorced and homeless mmm mmm .lol that made me laugh so hard.your wife
    ever seen all these 1.12 ? don’t you need a new house by now

  12. Can someone point me to a reliable website to pre order the S.H.figurearts?
    I head that amiami, hobby search are pretty good please let me know.


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