NEWS! – NYCC 2016 & Spider-Man Homecoming Wave

Here is the latest Marvel Legends news that I have regarding the Spider-Man Homecoming wave, along with new figures revealed at the 2016 New York Comic Con (NYCC). Please remember to hit the like button, share with your friends, subscribe, and leave a comment below. Thanks for watching!

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  1. That Sandman BAF looks wicked!

    The new reveal figures don’t look very good at all to me except for classic
    Shatterstar, and even still he looks pretty plain. Old Man Logan looks
    boring and flat. I would have taken any other Wolverine they could have
    come up with, Yellow and Blue classic, naked with the electronics, Laura…
    really anybody but a totally useless Old Man Logan. If we had other modern
    X-Men figures to pair him with it might make sense but he doesn’t fit with

    That’s two strikes for BAFS nobody wanted. First at SDCC there was that
    weird ass space one and now Deathshead… who I didn’t even know was a
    Marvel character.

    At the very least the Colossus figure will fit in relatively well with a
    semi-Modern X-men team. It’s close enough to what he has been wearing.

  2. Shocker looks to just be Blizzard repainted with the new knee pads. Though
    the paint job actually looks pretty good. The wave looks pretty decent
    though. Can’t wait for the Green Goblin and Sandman. I was hoping Hasbro
    would have another pass wave so I could save some money. Looks like that’s
    not going to happen. :-)

  3. I’m hoping that Deadmeat is the Raft Spidey since I missed Pizza Spidey and
    refuse to pay the scalper prices on eBay!


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