Miraculous Ladybug: All Kwami And Miraculous Holders In Season 2!

After seeing all of the new season 2 information about Miraculous Ladybug that came from New York Comic Con, I knew this was a great time to make my first video on the topic. One of the things about the show that has always fascinated me are the Kwami. There are seven of these little sprite creatures total as of now, and New York Comic Con revealed what all of them looked like, as well as a few more miraculous holders.

So this video talks about all of the currently known information about the Kwami and their respective miraculouses. If you would like to see me make more videos on this show, make sure to give the video a like, and even comment down below if you have any theories! Enjoy!

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  1. *seeing all the Chloe hate but no one can spell her name right* who is
    cloe? i dont know a cloe is she a new character?????


  2. I will be honest, I do not think that Gabriel is not Hawkmoth. There is a
    lot of theory out there but one theorist found evidence that separates him
    and Hawkmoth, but I do like the aspect that you brought up about both
    brooches maybe having some connection – maybe closer relations we think.

    Side note: your channel is really cool. I like you SU theories and I am
    glad you are into MLB as well ^_^ hope to see more of your thoughts on the

  3. This is all purely about season two and topics on Miraculous Ladybug, as
    well as fan theories, if you’re a true Ladybug and Chat Noir theoriser, you
    may continue. But be warned, this is long as HELL.
    Here is what I have to say about all this new information. I cannot wait
    until the new season of Miraculous Ladybug, Tales Of Ladybug & Chat Noir
    come out! I absolutely love the new Kwamis! I just find is strange how
    Chloe is going to get the Bee miraculous, of all people her? Chloe so far
    has caused most of the Akumas, and hasn’t shown any change or sympathy, nor
    pity in the first season so far! Despite the episode where she realises she
    misses and needs her best-friend Sabrina. I’d also like to say something
    about Volpina, I was really hoping that Lila would reform, and become a
    heroine along side whom I’m assuming is going to be called Queen Bee, and
    Miraculous Ladybug! Even though I’m glad Ayla is a miraculous wielder, I
    would’ve loved for Lila to be able to become the true Volpina. As for the
    powers of Volpina, I don’t think the powers are going to be same,
    considering Hawk Moth created the Volpina that we know of, as well as her
    powers, I don’t think that’s going to be Ayla’s powers, or the true
    Volpina’s powers. I’d also like to say I really want to see a real life
    version of the book of miraculous wielders that Adrien found, that’d be
    some AWESOME book! While we’re on the topic of miraculous wielders, I do
    think Hawk Moth is Gabriel. I don’t really have a reason for why he’s doing
    that other than this. He’s upset, and angry, and confused, and, just plain
    sad. After his wife supposedly died, he only thought of one solution, the
    miraculous’s! If Ladybug can create things, and Chat Noir can destroy, does
    that mean by using both or all of the miraculous’s, can the dead be
    revived? I have no explanation on how they could be revived with the
    miraculous’s, or just the main two miraculous’s, other than, it’s
    miraculous. Adrien’s mother seemed like a beautiful lady, maybe graceful
    even. The peacock miraculous is also a brooch, maybe because they both have
    some sort of connection? Since it was said that the moth-miraculous is used
    to create heroes, does that mean the peacock miraculous has something to do
    with that? If not, I have absolutely no idea why they both would be
    brooches! HOWEVER! I do for some reason feel like the miraculous can give
    you the ability to hypnotise Akumas…or anyone for that matter. Also, the
    mime child whom the fandom have made up (I think) could be the possible new
    miraculous wielder. I do feel we need more boys to even up the gender chart
    on miraculous wielders, because so far, we have three female miraculous
    wielders, and two male miraculous wielders. No, I did not forget Hawk Moth,
    it’s just he’s not a protagonist, he’s a antagonist. As for the turtle
    Kwami (teenage mutant ninja turtles) I’m hoping for some kung-fu action!
    That might be stereotyping, but I’m serious. He’s wise, old, lives in a
    dojo, with a small turtle kwami thing that floats, why the hell not? But
    I’m curious what his miraculous form is. I haven’t really thought how
    Ladybug and Chat Noir would feel about this, considering how Chat Noir was
    with Volpina, I’m sure Chat/Adrien would be chill and completely fine! I’m
    also sure Marinette won’t be envy, jealousy, or threatened by the new
    Miraculous Wielders, considering how she was with Lila, she knows what she
    did to Lila and how it effected her, so she wouldn’t do it again if she had
    the chance, which she will in season two. Now, knowing how Miraculous
    Ladybug was inspired by Marvel and comics, and such. Will they have a name
    for their group now that they have more protagonists? The Miraculous’s
    sound awesome, but just lightly spread with cheddar. However, they might
    not, I don’t think they’re going to get along straight away, there’s always
    a rocky-road along the trip…but, I’m pretty sure they’ll get through it!
    That just about wraps up all I have to say about season two, and JESUS this
    is long. #MariChat #LadyNoir

  4. I don’t think Gabriel is hawk moth cause Gabriel looks exactly like the new
    villain The Collector and if he is hawk moth why would akumatize himself.
    That’s just jumping Off a high dive into a Olympic size pool of stupid


  6. can we get jessie and james to be the new villains for miraculous ladybug?
    but like season 1 jessie and james with their cute little motto

  7. noorus person is a adriens dad in one episode it shows that ve turns into
    hawkmoth and justjf you finished it than you would have known

  8. Pause at 4:00, do you see the map?
    I don’t know what country it is but my guess is that Adrien’s mom might be
    in that country.

  9. YEEEEEEESSSS! Definitely more Miraculous videos. How did u find out the
    Peacock kwami name was Duusu and how would Gabriel Agreste be Hawkmoth
    because he is so protective of Adrien like he knew there was Hawkmoth out
    there. So that kinda proves that Gabriel had some kind of connection to
    kwami and the heroes.


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