Mega Man ZX Advent by Gymfreak739 in 56:47 – SGDQ 2016 – Part 156



  1. YES, let’s all make fun of a man’s voice. I am sure he has never heard it
    before his entire life. Hopefully you feel better by putting him down.

  2. Was a little underwhelmed by this run. Granted, Beginner mode is ideal for
    speedrunning, but gives the player so many crutches. And aside from all the
    name/lore flubs from the commentator, he really overstated the difficulty
    of some segments; regardless of the difficulty setting, the tower climbs
    aren’t nearly as difficult as he makes them out to be.

    Would be interested to see a Normal or Expert run.

  3. It’s hard to see but isn’t he black? Just a bit of a surprise with the
    voice but I honestly don’t care about that, just expected it to be darker.

  4. I always managed to complete this game in a faster time with *Ashe* than
    with Grey.

    Grey does have a few better Boss-strats, though. (Though Ashe can outright
    murder plenty of Bosses with Model ZX)


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