MCM Birmingham Comic Con Nov 2016: Cosplay Character Quotes Supercut!

The first “official” video in a new comic con series for my channel I’m calling “Character Quotes Supercut” (CQS).

The idea is simple: Ask as many cosplayers as I can to quote a line/catchphrase/speech etc associated with their character and compile them all together for a Youtube supercut!

Awesome costumes are one thing, but watching people getting into character and quoting those lines that left a lasting impression on us is one of my favourite aspects of the cosplay community. That is why I hope to turn CQS into a regular feature for my channel.

As always, a huge thank you to all the cosplayers who participated. If you spot yourself please let me know in the comments. It would be great to hear from you. I really hope you guys enjoy this video. Good luck recognising all of the quotes!

Featured cosplayers/videographers:

The 86th Floor –
Caramel Latte Kiss –
Tesseract Cosplay –
Butthead & Pastry Cosplay –



  1. Oh this was quite fun to watch! I can’t wait to see more in this new
    series~ You really have neat ideas for cosplay videos! Cosplaying is fun,
    but getting to act in character is even better~!

  2. Freddy Mercury, Wayne’s World and Death Note were my favourites.
    Have you thought about walking around with a Microphone for your new series
    James? Hope to see you again soon buddy.

  3. Fantastic! Thank you very much for including me – I was Jareth the Goblin
    King. I just wish I’d said something a bit shorter like everyone else :D


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