Marvel Legends BARON KARL MORDO Doctor Strange Wave Action Figure Review

The Doctor Strange movie figure was exceptionally well made. Will Baron Mordo keep the trend going or fall in line with the Astral version of Strange?

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  1. nice review man. anyway, I’ve been doing customs for some time and wanted
    to get into custom figma figures and though it would be good to ask you
    what character would work best. I’m trying to find a figma right to make
    the character Kyouma Mabuchi.

  2. I know this is not part of the video but does anyone know when Optimus
    prime is set to release the one from the beast wars???

  3. Great review Anthony!!! I think it’s a fairly accurate likeness to the
    actor and they definitely put a lot of effort into the sculpt. Hasbro has
    really been uping their game. What scares me is one of two things will
    happen next. Either they will put the hammer down and fine tune everything
    to get even better or they will regress to the old ways. Here’s hoping for
    a bright future.

  4. Anthony, will you be reviewing the new Star Wars black series figures? I
    wouldn’t know for sure since you have said you are not a Star Wars fan.

  5. Why did they go with him and not the villain?! He’s got pegwarmer stamped
    on his forehead! But he is cool… I just got mine the other day, and I
    still haven’t been able to pose him the way I want or put him anywhere that
    he’ll fit… poo…

  6. “It’s so odd to me that these movie figures are so exceptionally good for
    Marvel Legends. It’s very STRANGE.”
    I’m sorry, I realize it was unintentional but man, I just had to bring that
    up. Great review as always, love your work, keep it up.


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