Marvel: Future Fight (Epic Quest For Dr. Strange – Part 1)


Part 2:

★These teams are based on the new Future Fight v2.6.0★

Comic Card Set:

Alliance Bonuses:

☛Played on the Samsung Note 4 (Android)☚

☛Thanks for watching be sure to subscribe for more!

☛Gameplay by Juan

Equipment Used to bypass HDCP:
֍HDE Micro USB to HDMI 1080p HDTV Adapter Cable:
֍OREI HD-102 1×2 1 Port HDMI Powered Splitter Ver 1.3:
֍AverMedia LGExtreme:

☛XBL: Redemption Mode
☛PSN ID: OhArrTeeEyeZee
☛Nintendo Network ID: Redemption_Mode
☛Twitch: Juan_In_A_Million
☛Skype: JuanOrtizSr
☛Twitter: JuanOrtizSr

☛Official Game Site:
☛Official Future Fight Forum:



  1. What a waste for getting Docter Strange 4*! Netmarble did really kiss
    people in this update! I can even imagine how much materials will you have
    to waste till you reach 6* Doc Strange! You better check you bank account
    again or sell your car for that because this game is kissing you so sweet!

  2. any one wants to skip him pissing about in the game menus and showing off
    his players the epic quests start at time stamp 29.03

  3. redemption gaming would you please tell who from the new characters spent
    my mega ticket on. I already have subscription of daily bios.

  4. to find out my favourite character that is super cool and i have waited to
    get since the release of the game is so hard to get is just depressing. ive
    poured hours of my time into this and yet to get dr strange you need to
    either spend hundreds or spend months trying to do 1 quest. fucking

  5. I really hope you already figured out how to get 20 biometrics a day from
    that subscription you just bought. I saw the part where you’re not so sure
    on how to acquire Clea. :/

  6. ok netmarble fuck you wasting that much material on just one charter shows
    only paying players can fully enjoy the game now

  7. Hola quien me ayuda con las misión es no se me ve nada de lo q dice tengo
    problema con la instalación hay una misión q dice desarrollo en compañía
    nosé q hacer


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