Marvel: Avengers Alliance: Spec Ops 30 Finale – Spitfire Recruited


This is it, the Spec Op 30 final part featuring the recruitment of Spitfire!!

Task 22 – Use Baron Mordo in Combat
Task 23 – Defeat Morgan Le Fay
Task 24 – Complete 3 Stars of Mastery in all Spec Op 30 Missions
Task 25 – Defeat Dormammu

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“Marvel: Avengers Alliance is a turn-based social network game developed by Playdom.” This game can currently be found on Facebook under games/apps and it is free to play. Construct your own team using your favorite heroes and even a few playable villains from the Marvel Universe! Take on epic bosses like Ultron, Red Skull, and Thanos himself, or even compete in PvP against other player created teams. If any of that sounds amazing to you, then make sure to check this game out!

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‘Modern’ costume

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And an extra special thank you to Agent Seraph One as well as Agent Nadem!

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  1. I just got Spitfire as well today. She is great to level in 12.2. What pairing would you recommend for PVP, Kingfisher?

  2. spitfire and gambit try it people why spitfire's united and gambit continues turns trust me or you can go with her and quicksilver nothing wrong with hacking the first four turns

  3. Thanks king for all ur vids. How about this team AoU QS (blaster suit) and Spitfire, and put bloody aug iso on their level 1s and/or wide open iso, or knocking on either level 1 or 2 actions. If QS goes first spitfire might be able to kill on her second turn. Have agent protecting bruiser safeguard suit, with something thats ranged or causes staggered. Any ideas?


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