Marvel: Avengers Alliance – Daredevil Man Without Fear Unlocked


In this video we will unlock Daredevil’s Man Without Fear (Frank MIller / Netflix) Alternate Costume on the team page and check him out in PvP!

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“Marvel: Avengers Alliance is a turn-based social network game developed by Playdom.” This game can currently be found on Facebook under games/apps and it is free to play. Construct your own team using your favorite heroes and even a few playable villains from the Marvel Universe! Take on epic bosses like Ultron, Red Skull, and Thanos himself, or even compete in PvP against other player created teams. If any of that sounds amazing to you, then make sure to check this game out!

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‘Modern’ costume

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And an extra special thank you to Agent Seraph One as well as Agent Nadem!

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  1. I just wish I had been able to play the game today. Haven't gotten past the black screen for 15hrs now. no matter what try. This is total BS.

  2. I am still getting the mcguffin item. I have 76 so i will have it completed tomorrow. I wont have the cp needed for the skin but at least i will have it unlocked.

  3. I unlocked both alts yesterday, but bought Scrapper first.. And just in time for today's Scrappers-only DM; he, combined with IF's Combo Breaker & Spitfire's Together passive, can really tear enemy waves apart

  4. I have an ask to you Kingfisher: "Do you love me?" Why do you always choose fight against me? Do you have nightmares with Cable? Don't do this again man… Have mercy of me!!! Please!!!


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