Lyanna Stark Cast?


2 local actors have been cast in Game Of Thrones Season 6.
links below

This is a leak so it’s unconfirmed and under the category of Wild speculation.
The site responsible for this information (ynet) is the #1 news site in the country, & is considered a very reliable source of information.

Articles: (use google translate),7340,L-4746498,00.html

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  1. as soon as i saw the first picture i thought of arianne but its too late for them to introduce her unless its turned to total fan fiction

  2. Even though it is a small part in GOT, it is crucial that D&D get it right and if that actress plays Lyanna, it looks like they might have struck gold again….very interesting to see….Good snooping Bar, we've all wondered who has been cast & now you may have cracked it. Can't wait for Season 6……

  3. man, that actor who plays brandon can really change in appearance. to me, in season one he kind of look like a girl in the face as a young boy.

  4. I was just talking to a couple people about the tower of joy scene and how we hadn't heard anything about a Lyanna casting. If this is true I guess we will learn if R + L truly means J. Happy new year.

  5. I think you're right. She looks the part and would probably fit the bill nicely.. I know this is dumb and wouldn't happen in a billion years, and she would stand out like a sore thumb and all. But I think Megan Fox as Lyanna Stark would be so hot!!! She's definitely my pic..

  6. Yes, I think this is Lyanna. When I first read it this morning, I did not. As I thought about it more, I changed my mind. It has to be. We know there is a high chance there will be a Lyanna in season 6. So someone has to play her. So why not her. Plus if she s not Lyanna then who is she? Nothing else really makes much sense.

  7. I remember reading the casting call for the young stunner and instantly thought it would be Lyanna. The actress looks very much of what I expected Lyanna to look like as well. So excited and great stuff from you as usual :)

  8. I was just talking to a some dudes about where the Tower of Joy scene will cut off and if it will cut off before showing Lyanna because of how we hadn't heard anything about a Lyanna casting.Who do I want to play Lyanna? Daisy Ridley, I want her to play every heroine character now, never gonna happen, she's waaaay tooo big, but if you're asking what I would want, there is your answer.

  9. She looks enough like Maisie, too, to support the Arya similarities. Though it does emphasize that Kit Harrington is a bit to dark in coloring for Jon, but that isn't new. I do like him in the role, but he has always been a bit too dark of hair and eyes.


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