KONG: SKULL ISLAND – Official Comic-Con Trailer (2017) Tom Hiddleston Monster Movie HD

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  1. I’m gonna see this anyway cause it looks interesting, but do we really need
    another KK reboot/hash/make?

  2. Wow, Marvel really has it out for King Kong… they sent Nick Fury, Loki,
    Captain Marvel, one of the Nova Corps guys, and even Chief Dooley from the
    first season of Agent Carter to fight him.

  3. So since this is in the 2015 Godzilla universe im guessing this movie goes
    something like this……

    This movie looks great to me by the way.

    1 – Goodman knows/ found out about the Monarch agency in the past at some
    point that they are hiding the fact that Godzilla and other monsters
    are/were real.

    2 – as we know he (john Goodman’s character) spends 30 years in pursuit of
    the truth , so he can show the world. He takes the place of the movie
    director from the original movie. He finds out about skull island, probably
    from a shipwreck survivor or something, perhaps an artifact. i assume he is
    very wealthy. since he knows about Monarch he goes about his search in
    secret, so monarch won’t cover up what he finds.

    3 – this movie takes place in 1976/77 so Vietnam war is over. He probably
    owns a mining corporation or something like that. Being wealthy and having
    connections he is able to get the military to assist him on his so called
    survey job for mineral deposits. Hiddleston (Loki) is ex-military (green
    Beret) and works now as mercenary or something and is brought in by goodman
    to be team leader. Larson (Captain Marvel) is a photographer hired to help
    document everything by goodman. She lost her husband in the Vietnam war 2-3
    years before which is why she wears that ring around her neck. She is
    finally starting to move on though and her and hiddleston hit it off.

    4 – they get to the island and as we see shit goes bad fast. we know he
    (goodman) explains everything to Sam L jackson. who in turn declares war on
    Kong for killing some of his men. shit really hits the fan most of the
    soldiers are killed by the native islanders, kong and some creatures.

    5 – jackson loses his damn mind and is obsessed with killing kong. Goodman
    gets killed, hiddleston (Loki) and Larson (Captain Marvel) are trying to
    get the hell off the island and leave kong alone. which leads to the fight
    we see at the end of the trailer.

    6 – jackson gets killed by kong and Monarch shows up and quarantines the
    island with only hiddleston (Loki) and Larson (Captain Marvel) left alive.
    No Kong being brought to NYC or whatever, Monarch hides him and Skull
    island, Which is why there is no mention of Kong in 2015 Godzilla.

  4. The trailer is the as Godzilla. I hope the movie wont be like the Godzilla
    wherein we only got see the face of the starred monster for after 1hr
    30mins and then been shown for only 5mins then cut to another scene.


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