Kirby Air Ride by Pearstrike in 20:09 – SGDQ 2016 – Part 146



  1. i think that kirby air ride needs a remake or remaster too, just like the
    girl in 23:21 if any other game needs a remake, it should be kirby airide.
    i mean, just think about it. :D

  2. This was a really nice run! It always took me 20 minutes to beat one track
    when I was little, so it was fun to see it demolished like that. Also,
    Edobean is adorable. Like, jeez, I might have diabetes from all that cute

  3. 15:25 Is it strange if I always preferred Air Ride to City Trial? Unless I
    was freerunning with my cousin of course

  4. This game, Sonic Riders, and Jak X are my favorite racing games. Each are
    so much more unique to traditional racers, and fast too!

  5. just going to point out that at 21:46 hes going FIVE HUNDRED AND TWO
    KILOMETERS AN HOUR! which is normally impossible


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