Justice League vs. Teen Titans clip – Robin & Nightwing


Nightwing takes Robin to learn some teamwork under the guidance of the Teen Titans in this new clip from “Justice League vs. Teen Titans,” the latest entry in the popular DC Universe Original Movie series. Robin is voiced by Stuart Allan, while Sean Maher voices Nightwing. The film is now available on Digital HD, and arrives on Blu-ray and DVD on April 12, 2016.



  1. Imagine if this was the teen titans of the 2000’s vs the justice league of
    the 2000’s.
    Now that I would buy and watch.

  2. love how damien roasts everybody at the titan tower lol. also love how BB
    turned into one of those aliens from YJ and was that terra at the end?
    seems like this movie had lots of connection to the old teen titan show :D

  3. is there any chance DC animated can make the storyboards for DC’s big
    screen movies? plot, character development, the things that should come
    standard but somehow are always missed.

  4. I understand why there is a lot of dislike for Damian in the fanbase, but I
    have good reasons to defend him lol

    First off, he was raised by Ra’s Al-Ghul and Talia. They raised him to be
    the perfect assassin so of course there were no space for emotions such as
    motherly care. Hell, she even tried to make a clone to replace him.

    Second, when he was told about Batman and that he (Damian) was his son, of
    course he’d be an entitled brat. He has bragging rights. Even if he was a
    product of Bruce getting drugged, doesn’t give an excuse to hate Damian
    entirely. Also, since he grew up having impossible standards, he feels like
    he needs to be better than the previous Robins, and being the blood son
    adds to the personal pressure.

    Third, he’s still just a kid. He’s probably just 10 or 11 in the film.
    Character development and a change in attitude takes a lot more, sometimes
    even years for a realistic character. And the first 9-10 years of his life
    he was raised to be entitled. That can’t be changed immediately. It takes a
    lot of time.

    Fourth, he does care for others, but in a very aloof way. Think about it,
    he’s been raised as a cold emotionless killer. For nearly a decade. It will
    be a challenge for him to socialize or to express feelings. He is still
    getting the hang of it. Even TV Tropes described him as tsundere. In the
    comics, Damian even admitted that he liked having Dick as his partner and
    even misses him when Grayson went away for a while.

    Every Robin has their personality, and that’s what makes them likeable to
    different people. Jason is my favorite Robin, but I also try to see what’s
    good in each of them.

  5. I actually didn’t mind Damien in this movie. Sure, he was still a dick (no
    pun intended), but he was okay. I liked him working with this new group of
    Teen Titans, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of this team. He cooled
    out and had a few funny lines later on in the movie. He started to seem a
    little more like his father as the movie went on IMO. Also, I liked when
    Blue Beetle nearly blasted his face off and shut him up for a while XD!

  6. I don’t know much about the Titans but wasn’t Grayson with the Titans? Why
    is Grayson so much older than Starfire, Raven, Cyborg, & Beast Boy?

    SHOULD BE LEADER, NOT STARFIRE! And definitely not this Damian guy! Just
    how many Robins are there!

  8. i was so fucking hype when this released omg and damian wayne is so cool on
    this movie btw you can download the movie for free on pirate bay ;)


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