JUSTICE LEAGUE ACTION: Wonder Woman Vs. Lex Luthor

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There was plenty of action at WonderCon this year, particularly of the Justice League variety! In this week’s new episode of DC All Access, we’re on the WonderCon floor and talking to the cast and crew of Justice League Action, DC’s hit new animated series. Plus, Jim Lee and Scott Williams join us to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of WildStorm, we drop by our Wonder Woman cosplay meetup, and we exclusively announce a new Batman ’66 crossover from the mind of Mike Allred!

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  1. DC has a bunch of new WW shirts/merch on their website new section, looks like the animated film is getting re-released soon too…

  2. I have already seen the justice league action episode ages ago either I’m a time traveler or this channel is slow af

  3. Justice League Action is a really good show, unfortunately it immediately get overshadowed by Teen Titans go, we need the DC Nation back on  Cartoon network. or a channel that’s for young Adults, well we do have Adult Swim, but whenever you criticize them, they’ll fire back at you like “your to old to understand.”

  4. This show is nothing like TTG & It’s very enjoyable. However,it comes on at SAT/6AM in the U.S Their target demographic isn’t waking up to watch that. Meanwhile, The New Ben 10 gets put in a primetime slot (5pm) It also follows & leads to more TTG(which is their highest rated show,weather you like it or not) So their target viewers are likely to stay locked on that channel.
    I see JL:Action getting cancelled because CN is stupid,terrible time slot. They also air the episodes out of order,because reasons.


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