Easy Joker Tattoos for Halloween


This year introduced a brand new Joker as Jared Leto took on one of the most difficult roles in all of film and TV.

Many people were quick to compare him with Heath Ledger. One thing is certain, the performances were totally different and so was the look. Many people are looking to recreate The Joker tattoos from the movie Suicide Squad.

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Super Easy & Cheap Temporary Joker Tattoos

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This is seriously all you will need. Just make sure to order them in time for your first Halloween party. Don’t get lazy and wait until the last minute! Grab a couple sets just in case you are a party animal that likes to go to more than one gathering as we approach Halloween.

This is only one of a few mandatory accessories you will need to play the Clown Prince of Crime, with the others being the famous green hair, the white facial makeup, and a purple suit or trench coat.

Show up to the party in style, and perhaps with a Harley Quinn on your arms. Tell a few jokes and act insane, because staying in character is incredibly important! Most of all have fun and stay safe this holiday.

Temporary Joker Tattoos


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