Jak and Daxter by Bonesaw577 in 2:11:18 – SGDQ 2016 – Part 103



  1. An entire run of car keys jokes and Owen Wilson impressions and not one
    reference to the movie where Owen Wilson is actually a talking car

  2. Apparently they are considering banning Bonesaw from future events. Such a
    shame since this was one of the highlights. So I guess you can screw
    another runner’s wife, but say fuck and you’re gone. Also I love how
    Darkman refuses to speak so he won’t get lumped in with the rest of them
    because he can tell they have trouble coming.

  3. The legendary adventure in which Naruto and Pikachu must find Ben Affleck’s
    car keys and proceed to run over Owen Wilson with guest appearances by Jeb
    Bush and Rob Schneider: The Movie: The series: The Game

  4. It’s a shame the floor moderators don’t understand what fun is and stopped
    the Owen Wilson talk. Makes me not want to donate and instead donate to a
    different charity stream.

  5. 1:05:23 “Less Applause”
    1:10:18 Naruto & Pikachu
    1:12:00 First mention of Owen Wilson
    1:20:20 “They killed my wife!”
    1:22:12 $5 from jeb Bush
    1:23:52 Ben Affleck
    1:49:40 Owen Wilson in Anaconda
    1:51:40 “At this rate, I won’t be going to bed for a while”
    2:07:10 Motivational Whiteboard feat. Softlock
    2:10:08 Finishing Madness + “We have to go back”

    Comment with your favorites + timestamp if you want and I’ll edit them in.

  6. That will go down as a GDQ classic no doubt. We laughed, we cried, we clapped, we learned some Japanese, and we found our keys under estimate. What more can you ask for?


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