Is The New Harrison Wells Evil? – The Flash Season 3

Is the New Harrison Wells Evil? – The Flash Season 3. The Flash 3×05, Harrison Wells, Killer Frost Scene, Wally West Kid Flash, Dr Alchemy, Killer Frost and The Flash Season 3 Episode 5.

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The Flash Season 3 Episode 5 Trailer Breakdown – Monster
The Flash Season 3 Episode 5 Trailer Breakdown – Monster
The Flash Season 3 Episode 5 Trailer Breakdown – Monster

The Flash 3×05 Trailer Breakdown
The Flash 3×05 Trailer Breakdown
The Flash 3×05 Trailer Breakdown

The Flash 3×05 Trailer Breakdown – Monster
The Flash 3×05 Trailer Breakdown – Monster
The Flash 3×05 Trailer Breakdown – Monster

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The Flash 3×05
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  1. last season we seen zoom go into multi verse without a problem I think zoom
    went to earth 19 and solve the Harrison wells test cuz zoom wants revenge
    on Barry and his friends and he needs someone to get close to him to spy on
    him so he plan his revenge and the flash producer said zoom is coming back
    this season as black flash so that’s my theory

  2. I think it’s way too frickin redundant. I did not need a third Harrison
    Wells. I’d rather just see Harry and Jesse come over from time to time.
    Forced, unnecessary excuse to keep Tom Cavanagh in the main cast, in my
    opinion. Eobard and Harry were two very distinct characters, but at this
    rate all the versions of Wells will start to blend together. From the
    trailer, I don’t get any sense of trying to differentiate this guy. And HR?

  3. the cross over does start on supergirl not on the flash cuz on the
    interview tht I watched on the flash 4k grant said tht he has to go get
    super sense shes on another earth an the new flash episode showed a alien
    so it might be the first experienced sight of the invasion an I think they
    all come together like flash goes an get supergirl then they need help from
    green arrow then them 3 fight an alien then have to team up with the
    legends an all work together to defeat the invasion on Thursday night

  4. yea, last episode of season 2 his emblem change to white and with a red
    lighting bolt and the producer of flash said that was the reason he has a
    black suit he was black flash all along and they said he is coming back to
    this season as black flash, u didn’t know this, look it up pretty much
    everyone know he is black flash ever sense last season when the time rats
    took him

  5. It’s quite funny how we get a new wells every season… Like wells (reverse
    flash), wells (earth 2), and wells (earth 19)… The amount of likes I get
    on this is the earth that the next wells will be from in season 4 XD

  6. HR is nothing to worry about. If anything he is trying to harness Energy or
    get a view of whT goes on in another universe.

  7. 4th option… HR is from a earth which is going to destroy and only any
    help from Earth1 can help him.5th option… He can be the living
    manifestation of speed force which has come to help Barry.6th option…
    Lamest one… He can be Saboteur. :p

  8. i wonder if HR is connected to the president from supergirl at the end of
    the episode the president was an alien in disguised may HR is one as well

  9. Really hope it’s a red herring. It would be nice to have them just have a
    “nice guy” in Harrison Wells for a change. But the Dominator impersonator
    may be likely.

  10. Come on! this Harrison Wells can’t be evil this Harrison will be the good
    guy for 90%! This guy will be almost looks like his alternate himself from
    earth 1 before Thawn killed him and took his form.

  11. Why do they even bother looking for another harrison wells i mean like its
    100% that all of them will be evil..and 100% that all of them will eat big
    belly burger

  12. This Harrison wells isn’t a scientist and doesn’t know how to stop meta
    humans his friends ig or he’s evil and just doesn’t give a shit but I’ve
    watched it already

  13. there never was an evil Wells ffs it was the reverse flash… why does
    everyone keep referring to season 1 Wells as evil when he died months after
    Barry’s mother died. it’s not Wells it was reverse flash. I don’t mind if
    they make this new Wells evil but I think he should have powers if they
    decide to make him evil. maybe he was affected by the partical generator
    and got some meta human abilities?


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