Injustice Gods Among Us iOS Arkham Knight Harley Quinn Challenge Full Expert Difficulty


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In this Injustice Gods Among Us video, we do all 62 fights within 5 Battles of The Arkham Knight Harley Quinn Challenge on Expert Difficulty.

Battle 1: Cards start at Level 15 Elite III Bronze, going up to Level 25 Elite V, only Bronze characters are allowed on your team.

Arkham Knight Harley Quinn Challenge Battle 1 Expert Credits: 345, 1375, 405, 435, 465, 495, 525, 555, 585, 615, 645, 3175

Battle 2: Green Arrow must on your team. Every Battle the first and third cards are Level 25-35 Bronze Elite V(Going up by one level except in the last fight), and the third card is always Silver, starting at Level 7 Elite I for the first three fights, is Level 8 Elite I in Fights 4 and 5, Level 9 Elite I in Fights 6 and 7, Level 10 Elite I in Fight 8, Elite II in Fight 9, Level 11 in Fight 10, Level 12 in Fight 11, and Level 13 Elite II in Fight 12.

Arkham Knight Harley Quinn Challenge Battle 2 Expert Credits: 360, 390, 420, 450, 480, 4510, 540, 570, 3* 600, 630, 660, 690

Bronze Booster Pack: Green Lantern, Steal From The Rich(Catwoman’s Energy Boost), Space Hog(Lobo’s Health Boost)

Battle 3: Only Bronze and Silver cards are allowed on your team. All cards are Silver, Level 7, going to 9 and 11, then 12-20 in the remaining 9 fights. The Silver cards have two promotions for the first six fights, and three promotions for the final six fights.

Arkham Knight Harley Quinn Challenge Battle 3 Expert Credits: 375, 405, 435, 465, 495, 525, 555, 585, 3* 615, 645, 675, 705

Battle 4: Both Silver cards start at Level 20 Elite II, and the Gold card starts at Level 18 Elite I, and stay that way for the second fight. Cards gain Levels to 21 and 19 in Fight 3, Silver cards to 22 in Fight 4, 23 and 20 in Fight 5, Silver cards to 24 in Fight 6, 25 in Fight 7, Silver to 26 and Gold to 21 in Fight 8, Silver cards to 27 in Fight 9, Silver Cards gain a Promotion to Elite III, and Level 28 and Gold 22 in Fight 10, Silver to 29 in Fight 11, and Silver to 30, Gold to 23 in Fight 12. Black Adam must be on your team.

Arkham Knight Harley Quinn Challenge Battle 4 Expert Credits: 390, 420, 450, 480, 510, 8540, 570, 600, 3* 630, 660, 690, 720

Battle 4 Silver Booster Pack: Green Arrow, Kryptonian Rifle(Zod’s Level 1 Special), Morningstar(Hawkgirl’s Attack Boost)

Battle 5: Batman must be on your team. The Silver card starts at Level 20 Elite III, the Gold cards are Level 23, the Middle card has one promotion, and the right card has two. In Fight 2, the Gold cards go to Level 24, In Fight 3 all cards gain a Level to 21 Silver and 25 Gold, in Fight 4, the Silver card gains a Level to 22 and a promotion to Elite IV. In Fight 5, the Gold Cards gain a Level to 26, In Fight 6, the Silver card gains a Level to 23. In Fight 7, the Silver card gains a Level to 24, and the Gold Cards to Level 27. In Fight 8, the Silver card gains a Level to 25 but loses a promotion to Elite III. In Fight 9, the Silver card gains a Level to 26 and a Promotion to Elite V, and the Gold cards gain a Level to 28. In Fight 10, the Silver Card gains a Level to 27, but loses two promotions to Elite III. In Fight 11, the Silver Card goes to Level 28, and the Gold Cards gain a Level to 29. In Fight 12, the Silver card gains a Level to 29, on par with the Gold cards. In Fight 13, all cards go to Level 30.

Arkham Knight Harley Quinn is Level 45 Elite II, with 26K Damage, 88K Health, and Arkham Harley Quinn is Level 25 Elite I with 6,966 Damage, 12K Health.

Arkham Knight Harley Quinn Challenge Battle 5 Expert Credits: 405, 435, 465, 495, 525, 555, 585, 12615, 645, 675, 705, 735, 765, 795, 3375

Enjoy the video and if you have any questions, or video ideas, please run them my way! If you like the video, feel free to comment, like, subscribe, and help get the word out to your friends.



  1. doing really good at injustice at the moment. this is the first challenge I've completed on nightmare, I promoted Bounty Hunter Lobo and AO Joker to Elite VII, and I evolved the alloy swoed to the promethium longsword all in a day

  2. My R.Hawkgirl have these gear cardsPOWER CLOVES (+10)MARK OF LADY SHIVA (+4)ICEBOUND NECKLACE (+6)I think this will be 0P,if I will evolve the necklace.What do u think?

  3. Hi hollywoodshono the challenge for Arkhangelsk knight Harley Quinn has not started yet . The booster pack which sells her for money is still in the store . I wanted to know if I deleted my game and redox loaded it would the challenge be active ? And also would all my characters be still there?

  4. If you give Arkham Knight Batman the Scimitar or team him with Batgirl he can start with 3 bars of power.Wayne tech features-Immune to power drain,sp1 damage boost,crit damage increase,add power bar,immune to dot,immune to crit I think that's all of them.I usually boost his sp1 and add power so he starts at 3 bars and I also team him with Batgirl.Great funny video! I hope you can pull more Arkham Knight Batman!

  5. whats a good way to make 700 thousand credits quick i cant do bonus battle 6 because it cost to much energy and im low on strong charicters plz reply ?

  6. 18:36 Technically Shono Rocksteady designed and created the Harley outfit for their Batman Arkham Knight Game. Netherrealm just imported the costume from the game to put it in Injustice Mobile. But I agree it is sexy.

  7. 1:00:51 Damnnnnnnn!! That can easily kill most if not all characters in the game. So the Cloak with the stun from Batman and the crit damage added with it against stun should wipe out a character with the 95% boost (AntiHarley passive, Prime Batman's passive and the cloak with the crit damage augments and the damage boost from Anti Harley's special 2).


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