Injustice 2: Reasons For No Flash Gameplay, & Possible Reveal Date!

Injustice 2: Reasons For No Flash Gameplay, & Possible Reveal Date!
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Today I wanted to address this topic that I’m sure a good amount of you guys are asking, and that is where is the Flash? Or more like where is the Flash gameplay? In this video I talk about why I think the Flash has not been revealed yet, and when I think he will get revealed. I also give my thoughts on what his Super move could be. Anyways I hope you guys enjoy the video 🙂

Leave a comment down below and let me know do you agree with what I’m saying and how do you feel about his new voice actor?

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  1. won’t be shown do to his role in the game…say if, lol, Flash opened a
    path to OUTWORLD??? lol
    how Shao Kahn is shown just as Darkside was? lol

  2. i thought he would say catwoman and flash or maybe for when green arrow
    comes out he should be coming out with catwoman since there enemys

  3. maybe the super move for the flash like he run so fast that he can go to
    the past and get other flash and he punch his opponent multiple times

  4. I’m thinking they are revamping his moveset
    the flash was boring to use in injustice . he’s one of my favorite super
    heroes and he’s boring as shit. aquaman was technically a better character
    do to his pokes and range. this is suppose to be the flash. how the fuck
    did aquaman be a better fighter? I want a completely new character when he
    is revealed . make him fun. I don’t care if his speed breaks the game make
    him fun

  5. You know; I think that The Flash in Injustice 2 is gonna be Wally West,
    he’s the only returning character to have a new voice actor and when we see
    Kid-Flash die in the prequel comic; it’s explicitly said that it was Bart.

  6. They can make a Flash vs. Green Lantern trailer because in the injustice
    universe GL is evil and Flash is good (at the end of the game he switched
    sides). it could have really good lines like “you traitor” (is this spelled
    right?) or “you’ve gone to far, Hal”. just think about it….

  7. IF there is any validity to the rumor Grant is voicing the Flash. It would
    only be with a costume. Like how they did with the first Injustice and
    having Stephen Amell voicing the Arrow skin.
    But yeah Flash and Captain Cold seem way too perfect to reveal during New
    York Comic Con alongside Season 3 premiering. Though some kind of
    curve-ball with an Arrow or Legends of Tomorrow related character is
    possible too.

  8. they may release starfire…i mean it doesnt have to be two characters who
    make sense. they release ww and bb after all.

  9. Well Netherrealm Studios have sort of confirmed that The Reverse Flash will
    kinda be in there. When they described the gear changing they gave an
    example like “So like Flash could have gear that makes him look like The
    Reverse Flash.”

    Also, I honestly wouldn’t mind Grant voicing Flash. I love the Flash TV
    show. I’d also be awesome if we had gear that makes Flash look like in the

  10. He should jump through a portal calling other heroes through the portal and
    they all hit the opponent going into a stage change leaving the other
    heroes in the other part


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