I Wanna be the Boshy by witwix in 38:31 – Summer Games Done Quick 2015 – Part 133

This is a speedrun of I Wanna be the Boshy by witwix from Summer Games Done Quick 2015. The run starts at 8:25.

SGDQ2015 raised over ,200,000 for Doctors Without Borders, and is just one of the many charity marathons from Games Done Quick.

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  1. i think (i am not really sure cuz it’s a long time ago) you can beat Kracko
    before he let the stars fall down and shooting that star circle but who am
    i to quationing the strats of a speedrunner and to the Kirby skip: the
    first time i played this game i thought its intentional to jump over him
    and got it first try… yep i know, i am sooooo damn pro! :P

  2. Can someone please tell me – if I make a game and put assets from other
    games in it, will I get sued by their respective owners?
    If yes then why did “I wanna be the boshy” not taken down ?

  3. Is he using a joystick or a keyboard? And which one is better for platform


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