Honest Review: Rick’s Shotgun from The Walking Dead

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It’s kinda disappointing to have a Buzz Bee Double Barrel Shotgun repaint in the mix in 2016, but it is what it is. I still do not care for this blaster due to a lot of its flaws. It was cool back when it came out but the shell system needs to go.

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  1. what do u expect its a shotgun its so pose to have short ranges and it is
    for fun not every one goes to hvz so calm down

  2. Hey drac I know you probably won’t use this blaster much but I’d figure I’d
    tell you anyways, when I fire an actual double or single barrel break
    action I always move my non dominant hand to cup the back end of the barrel
    to easily police brass for rifles or shells for shot guns. That method will
    is quick enough that you can do it fast and without thinking in field and
    while it won’t make the blaster better or easier to load it will help you
    not lose the shells.

  3. My favorite blasee believe it or not, the og buzzbee shotgun with the
    shells, i love this thing, but as you said this is the shittiest blaster
    for wars xD so i get your review it was nice drac

  4. The shell system is a cool gimmick. Of course it’s inefficient, it isnt
    supposed to be taken to battle by a serious foamfighter afterall;)


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