HISHE: Captain America: Civil War (how it should have ended) Reaction

Ive been waiting for this video from HISHE! please watch until the end, i mention a new channel segment that were doing! remember to liek and subscribe!



  1. Maybe one day we’ll get a crossover. I’m convinced that Kevin Feige is a
    wizard, so he might be able to pull it off.

  2. This movie is my fav Marvel movie. Pretty good. DC fanboys need to chill
    with the hate. I’m both Marvel and DC fan. Shit,I used to like Green
    Lantern movie. Then I realized it sucks. But there are still DC movies who
    ROCK! The Dark Knight is amazing

  3. Did you ever get into Spawn? There’s a fantastic fan vid called Spawn: The

    Also check out The Punisher: Dirty Laundry. Thomas Jane did it as a fan
    vid. It’s great. I’d love to see your reactions to these.

  4. DC may as well go to Disney. At this point it couldn’t be worse than where
    it is now. Warner Bros. needs an associate producer who is a massive both a
    massive DC nerd and ideas man.

  5. I wish they could do one live action film based on the amalgam comics
    DC/Marvel merger, and do Darkclaw Logan Wayne.


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