Heroes – Batman V Superman Teaser, Civil War Trailer, Jessica Jones Discussion


Welcome to Collider’s Heroes, hosted by Jon Schnepp, with John Campea and special guests Amy Dallen and Robert Meyer Burnett. We bring you the latest news about the Cinematic World of Heroes and Villains! On this episode of Collider’s Heroes (Tuesday Dec 1st 2015) we discuss the following:

Batman v Superman:Dawn of Justice New TEASER Trailer!

This time we had to watch Gotham instead of Football in order to see a new teaser trailer, but I have to say it was worth it! Let’s talk about this short teaser trailer now

Captain America: Civil War First Full Trailer!

The Captain America Civil War Trailer dropped unexpectedly last week on the Jimmy Kimmel show, and what a trailer it was! Filled with incredible action and emotionally moving scenes! this trailer dropped my jaw, for it was way better than I was expecting!

Green Lantern Corp is buddy space cops film, while Cyborg becomes Teen Titans!

The DC Superteamup’s look like they might be happening, with “Cyborg” turning into a Teen Titans movie, and Green Lantern Corp being spoken about a buddy cop movie in space. Who doesn’t want to see Lethal Weapon in Space? I know I do! If they smartly use the Marv Wolfman George Perez material to base their Teen Titans movie on, then it could actually be a hit.

Spiderman begins shooting in Atlanta, with Ironman and Captain America?!

Tom Holland says “Spiderman” might be the only secret identity hero that is left after Civil War, and they are shooting in Atlanta. Robert Downey Jr mentioned he and Chris Evans are going to shoot in Atlanta to shoot something else, since Civil War is done…

Dark Knight 3: Master Race #1 is out!

Dark Knight 3: Master Race #1 is finally out, written by the legendary Frank Miller with Brian Azzarello, and drawn by Andy Kubert and Klaus Janson. Is it worth all the Hype?

Minor Mutations

1 Wonder Woman is set is WW1, according to all the set picts!

2 Marvel turned down Del Toro and Neil Gaiman’s Dr.Strange?

3 Chris Hemsworth jokes that he will beat the Hulk in “Thor:Ragnorok”

4 Will Reed Morano direct Olivia Wilde in “Captain Marvel”

5 Simon Kinberg talks about The New Mutants, will it happen?

6 Supergirl gets a full season order, and a crossover with The Flash!

Flashback – Batman & Robin (1997)

The big dumb dumptruck, the better best big winner at the top of he sky high pile up that is superhero garbage city, The golden turd topping the top of all that stinks, yes, comic cryers and sweaty nerds, I speaketh of that which is called “Batman & Robin”. The worst of all the Batman films to ever exist, the worst superhero film ever made, a painful lobotomy to all the top senses, an aquatic stink fest of rotten celluloid, this embarassing franchise killing assembly of horrible ideas and even worse execution, that was most possibly made by a feral and starving neon animal chained up in a demented misguided mutant’s 1950’s timevault locked basement, was unleashed on us all in 1997. Let’s pour over the tepid stale crumbs of the dried stench that is “Batman & Robin”.

Spotlight: BPRD

This weeks spotlight is on a spinoff to Mike Mignola’s “HellBoy” comic series, with a supernatural superteam set up at the same spot that employs Hellboy, called the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense, or BPRD. This team has enhanced Agents like Hellboy, all with different powers. Their is Abe Sapien, amphibious gillman, Liz Sherman, fire powered pyro, Johann Kraus, ectoplasmic medium, among others. The movie Hellboy 2 was basically a pilot for the as a movie or tv spinoff but it never happened. Let’s talk BPRD , movie or TV series?

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  1. Maybe it's just me but I have found myself skipping the Marvel stuff lately. Getting a bit fed up of the endless Marvel content.

  2. I think you guys are going too harsh on DKIII. It's not going to be break grounds like DKI. It's a first issue and it was good.

  3. On the topic of villain protagonists, we already have a few Punisher movies. He's generally called an anti-hero, but that's only because he's humanized as a protagonist. He has been a villain, because in most contexts, he is one. We're also about to get a Deadpool movie soon. Same idea there, although I wouldn't be surprised to see them drop the morally ambiguous mercenary angle. I also hear they're bringing out an animated adaptation of The Killing Joke. I don't know how that will turn out, but the original comic has Joker in the lead while Batman's appearance in the story feels practically incidental. It wouldn't be hard to maintain that story design in adaptation.

  4. I liked but didnt love DKIII master raceP.S. i really hate the amount of those variants coversP.P.S really liked schnepps rant and have not bought any variants

  5. I'm convinced it's a dream sequence and I think the main evidence of that is that Superman doesn't use his x-ray vision to see Bruce Wayne. Why doesn't Superman use it? Because Batman dream/nightmare mind doesn't know Superman has x-ray vision.

  6. They were meant to be talking about the comic Dark Kinght 3: The Master Race but it is just Jon on a rant about comic book covers…I think John Campea is rubbing off on him!


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