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Make A Path Presents “Let’s Talk” HERE’S NEGAN Part 3 Recap & Review – The Walking Dead – Image





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  1. They have to quit this bite-sized BS. I hope they’ve heard from the fans
    that it’s a mistake, between this and the web shows.

  2. she is gonna turn it’s gonna be fucking amazing she is gonna come back..
    nothing we can do bout it now. they should have done 3 issue’s or w.e

  3. They killed the dying in ricks hospital so it could go anywhere can’t wait.
    Thanks man these are convenient there are no comic book stores where I live

  4. Negan backstory = fear flight ###
    Can’t remember the #
    They basically done the same with the 2 , I know that amc done fear and sky
    bound is doing the negan story but sky bound should have learned something
    from amc’s “fail ” of the chopped chips of fear flight .

  5. well im probably going to pick it up every month but not read it till all
    12 issues are out and i have then all and read then all together and do you
    think there going to release all 12 issues into one comic next year?

  6. Just read the previous parts over again and then read the new part to
    refresh your memory of where the story is at. I agree it’s frustrating and
    I haven’t even read it. I’m gonna buy it when it’s all together I don’t
    have the patience for the wait a month for so many pages but maybe try my
    suggestion of rereading if you don’t do that already

  7. Just a theory, but could Negan be attracted to Alpha because of her being
    bald and she reminds him of his wife? Could be interesting if that is true.

  8. Negan is intriguing and villians. I watch a lot about serial killers. Yeah
    I live in Wisconsin. Do you know which massive serial killers are from


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