Hasbro’s Star Wars Team Q & A @ NYCC 2016

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  1. The Star Wars guys seem so much more enthusiastic than the Marvel Legends
    guys, but oddly enough the Marvel Legends figures are so much better than
    any of the Star Wars scales currently available.

  2. They have no idea what waves are coming when…….this is why hasbro is
    such a mess seperate department for so many different things that theres no
    management who knows what one hand is doing to the other………..:(

  3. Great review! I must say that this has me Super stoked for the New 6inch
    Darth Vader figure FINALLY! It looks awesome and way better than the puppy
    dog looking first release. I’ll be grabbing at least two of Vader, along
    with Director Krennic and the variants of the Shoretrooper grunt, Squad
    leader, and Captain/Commander. Very excited!

  4. All looks great but it’s a shame we’ll never see most of them here in the
    UK. I’ve more chance of finding a snow leapord in my local Toys R Us, Asda
    (walmart) and Smiths. They did restock the shelves in Asda near me on force
    friday , with one , yes one box of 6″. And what a suprise it was the Han
    and Flame trooper set.
    Toys R Us did get some stock but they sold out straight away , well they
    did only get a couple of boxes, and of cause may never replenish the stock
    . The other thing is they are now £23 here in the UK, thats about $30 for
    you guys in the US. There does become a point were the price isn’t worth

  5. Very nice interview with “the man” behind Hasbro Star Wars collectibles!
    Congrats! I’m obessed by new BS6 Scariff Troopers, Krennic, Hovertank
    Pilot, Chirrut, K2SO…

  6. I’m a Star Wars 3.75″ collector who has been collecting for over 15 years.
    I don’t wanna really get into how let down I feel from Hasbro but I’m still
    disappointed in their merchandise for the 3.75″ line since they decided to
    make most figures 5 poa,and limit the SA figures to a few as Walmart

  7. This is my opinion and view and does not represent this channel at all, but
    just as a poster. Hasbro has dropped the ball on vehicles and these
    figures. using nerf missles? where are the legit ships that were out years


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