Has Our Doctor Strange Infinity Stone Theory Been Confirmed? (Nerdist News W/ Jessica Chobot)

We’ve got new Doctor Strange details, but do some of them confirm our very own Infinity Stone theory?? Jessica has the answer (with SPOILERS) on today’s Nerdist News!

Are you on board with our theory? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. OK no just no read the comic. there trying way to hard to mix thing that
    are made that way. they see grants cosmic power yes but does way more then
    the time stone.

  2. The Soul Stone is gonna be in the Black Panther film. How do I know this?
    Because nobody’s got more soul than a black man….& Falcon isn’t royalty
    so he’s not rocking gems like Kings would be doing.

  3. The soul stone will be found in… get this… CEREBRO! That’s right baby,
    the X-MEN are going to without a doubt be HUGE reveal in the final act of
    this long awaited story arc. This will set up the next phase in marvel.
    Think about it, what better way to set up the next phase (the Fantastic
    phase 4)than with the long awaited reuniting of all the marvel characters.
    We know its possible for this to happen, and we’ve already seen the carrier
    in Deadpool. It just makes sense.

  4. I definitely think it makes sense that Strange would have the Time Stone,
    simply because it’s a nice coincidence that probability manipulation is
    Billy Kaplan’s (the next Sorcerer Supreme) entire power.

  5. Pretty obvious unfortunately. I figured that it would be an infinity stone.
    I mean you have to introduce them to the universe sometime. And since just
    about every ancient awesome artifact is an infinity stone then.. bam! The
    Time Gem. Now all that’s left is the Soul gem. Guardians 2??

  6. To be fair those complaints, especially about Age of Ultron, were before
    Feige was reporting solely to Disney instead of to Ike Perlmutter.

  7. Not to be funny here, but the blue stone is labelled as the time gem and
    the green stone is labelled as the space gem in the comic book scene at 3:00

  8. Terrasect is to Space.
    Heimdall is to Soul.
    Aether is to Reality.
    Necklace is to Time.
    Orb is to Power.
    Scepter is to Mind.


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