Harley Quinn Halloween Costume Guide


Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Bodysuit

Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn was the first ever film appearance by the character since she was created for the Batman comic series in 1993. This look is absolutely nothing like the black and red “harlequin” outfit that she donned in the cartoon series, but damn is it sexy. Make sure to complete the look by getting the “Puddin” choker that rounds out the costume. If someone is going as The Joker for Halloween, you absolutely must have a Harley Quinn. Best suited for the group babe that has a crazy side. All women are crazy, of course!

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suicide squad harley quinn outfit

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Suicide Squad Red and Blue Pigtails Wig

suicide squad red and blue wig

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Suicide Squad Jacket

suicide squad red and blue jacket

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“Good Night” Accessory Bat

suicide squad bat
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Full Harley Suicide Squad Kit

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Puddin Necklace Choker Accessory

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Harley Suicide Squad Makeup

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Harley Quinn Shoes and Boots

We have to admit – the old cartoon Harley Quinn costume is much better than the new one. There was just something about that red and black jester outfit that really brought the character to life. Not to mention the Brooklyn accent and sassy wit.

This will undoubtably be the most popular Halloween costume for women in 2016. The movie wasn’t exactly a hit but any time women can dress up as what may as well be the female version of The Joker, they will do it. This guide will help you pick out all of the essential items that you need to complete the outfit.

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Costume


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