The Complete Suicide Squad Costume Guide for Halloween 2017


One of the best Halloween costume ideas for 2017 is to join friends and dress up as the cast from Suicide Squad. This year’s movie introduces a brand new Joker look by Jared Leto and also the immensely popular Harley Quinn from Margot Robbie.

In year’s past, many people dressed up as the Heath Ledger Joker or the cartoon version of Harley Quinn. Now there are fresh looks that have everyone excited for this year’s Comic-Con events and of course Halloween season!

This guide will help you find the best costumes if you want to become the cast of Suicide Squad. We have compiled a list of items that are easily accessible and the most affordable price. It’s not about being cheap, it’s about finding what you need! Let’s take a look at the available options.


Who Do You Want to Be?

The Joker  Harley Quinn  Deadshot  Killer Croc  Katana  El Diablo

Full Joker Suicide Squad Costume

Let’s face it. Someone has to step up and take on the greatest villain of all time. Jared Leto introduced us to a totally new incarnation of the clown prince of crime, so it’s time that people put it to work. The green hair and purple trench coat complete the look as you laugh your way into Halloween as the leader of the pack. This role is best filled by the “class clown” or leader of your group that can stay in character and laugh like a maniac.

suicide squad joker costume

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The Joker Suicide Squad Jacket

the joker's suicide squad jacket

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Suicide Squad Joker Teeth

teeth for halloween outfit

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Suicide Squad Tattoos

joker halloween tattoos suicide squad tattoo

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Suicide Squad Makeup Kit

halloween makeup

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Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Bodysuit

Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn was the first ever film appearance by the character since she was created for the Batman comic series in 1993. This look is absolutely nothing like the black and red “harlequin” outfit that she donned in the cartoon series, but damn is it sexy. Make sure to complete the look by getting the “Puddin” choker that rounds out the costume. If someone is going as The Joker for Halloween, you absolutely must have a Harley Quinn. Best suited for the group babe that has a crazy side. All women are crazy, of course!
suicide squad harley quinn outfit

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Suicide Squad Red and Blue Pigtails Wig

suicide squad red and blue wig

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Suicide Squad Jacket

suicide squad red and blue jacket

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“Good Night” Accessory Bat

suicide squad bat
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Full Harley Suicide Squad Kit

sexy adult harley quinn kit

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Puddin Necklace Choker Accessory

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Harley Suicide Squad Makeup

female makeup

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Adult Deadshot Costume

Deadshot makes an appearance as Will Smith takes on one of the most famous villains from the Batman series. He’s the world’s most accurate marksman and a highly trained assassin that “never misses.” This role is best filled by the group athlete or braggart that claims to be the best at everything. If you’re going to have three to four people in this Halloween group, one of them without question has to be Deadshot.

halloween deadshot adult

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High Quality Deluxe Deadshot Mask

halloween mask for deadshot

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Inexpensive Deadshot Mask

inexpensive deadshot halloween mask

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Deadshot T-Shirt Outfit

deadshot halloween shirt

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Adult Killer Croc Costume

Possibly one of the ugliest sons of bitches to roam the planet, Killer Croc is still an absolute beast. Every group of friends or coworkers has that one guy who is just a powerhouse, a muscle maniac that can tear anything to shreds with brute force. That guy is your Killer Croc in this group costume idea. Hey, he doesn’t have to be ugly, because you can simply grab the right mask to finish the look and take this group idea to the next level.

killer croc halloween

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Killer Croc Mask for Halloween

halloween mask killer croc

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Katana Halloween Mask

The character Katana should be reserved for the fiesty little ninja girl that your group of friends might have. She might be small, but she packs a punch for her size and her speed and agility make up for it. This costume idea is great because you can add a mask, wig, jacket, and leggings to really round out the look. Obviously, the final piece of the puzzle is the katana itself, which is absolute mandatory for this character!

suicide squad mask for katana

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Katana Jacket

suicide squad katana halloween

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Suicide Squad Katana Wig

female wig accessory

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Suicide Squad Katana Costume Kit

women's katana costume

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Katana Leggings

suicide squad katana leggings

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Katana’s Katana!

halloween weapon accessory

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Diablo Face Tattoos

Diablo is reserved for the hot-head in the group that seems to be possessed by a demon. One of your friends undoubtedly fits this description, a fire-breathing knucklehead that rounds out the group cosplay or Halloween idea. Know someone that can do a few tricks with a lighter, or loves to take flaming shots at a party? He’s the guy that should dress as Diablo.

suicide squad diablo halloween

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El Diablo Suicide Squad Costume – Varsity Jacket

diablo suicide squad cosplay

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Diablo Inmate Costume for Halloween

suicide squad inmate

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Suicide Squad Goat Mask

suicide squad goat halloween

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Group costumes are a great way to spend Halloween with friends, because it is an opportunity to be creative and extremely unique. It’s always fun to gather around for a nice big picture that you can share on social media or enter into a photo contest. If you dress up as the cast of Suicide Squad for Halloween, you could always do it again at a local Comic-Con event.

If you are going to create a haunted house, why not make it into Arkham Asylum! This is a great way to bring the characters to life in a party situation. You could have fake jail cells and a lot of fun making the whole thing as spooky as possible. If someone dresses up as Batman you can make their life a living hell by constantly harassing them or playing pranks!

There is no doubt that the characters from Suicide Squad are the top Halloween costume group idea of 2017. After the launch of the movie in early August, this will be the most popular trend heading into October 2017. Visit this page for the latest Halloween Spirit coupons as well as other great cost saving deals as we find them. If you haven’t already, subscribe to the Comics2Film email list so that we can send the coupon codes directly to your inbox. Have fun out there and make sure to stay safe when you are out at a party or trick-or-treating.

Suicide Squad Costumes


  1. Harley Quinn is surely one of my most loved character from the late Suicide Squad motion picture, we should say that Margot Robbie has done an incredible work while depicting the character of Joker’s Love intrigue so flawlessly. I would love to see her and Joker solo motion picture. I am wanting to spruce up like Harley this Halloween, have done my just about shopping from Amazon store including delightfully created Yes Sir sleeve arm jewelry


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