Gotham 2×07: Penguin’s mom death scene


Gotham season 2 episode 7
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  1. They shouldn't have missed with the Penguin. He knows how to get payback and revenge. There death's are going to be slow.

  2. It's safe to say "Galavan", as he likes to call himself, is a dead man now. He revealed himself to Jim and Bullock, but the deadliest mistake he made was killing Oswald's mother. But now, the Penguin can truly exist – and I hope he kills the "Galavan" siblings. Starting with Tabitha in front of Theo's eyes. Of course, he might not care if she gets killed – but any sort of fear in either of their eyes is just going to be the sweetest sight.

  3. I know this is going to cause people to laugh at me but I haven't cried like this since I saw the ending of Fable 3 in 2010…

  4. Oswald almost reminds me of Walter White after his mother passes. The sheer bile coming from him, I fucking love it. WATCH OUT GALAVAN

  5. All the actors here did a fantastic job in this scene… it made me cries so much for Penguin when he realised his mum had been stabbed the look of horror on his face at 2:322:24 says it all really. And of course fantastic acting by Carol Kane who played Gertrude. I will miss her though she was fantastic at playing his kooky mum. I hope Penguin makes Theo and Tabitha pay for what they did…


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