Genji Overwatch Halloween Costume Guide


It was recently announced via comics that Overwatch Halloween skins were likely on the way, and possibly loot crate’s in honor of the greatest holiday in existence. For anyone looking to dress up as Genji for Halloween this year, there are few options but we managed to track down the best choices.

Genji Halloween Costume

genji sweatshirt

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Genji Armor Shirt

genji overwatch t-shirt

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Genji Prop Sword

genji overwatch sword

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Genji Cosplay Helmet

genji cosplay helmet

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In order to get the full on Genji cosplay armor, you will likely have to put in a custom order than could take weeks or months to create and send to your. If you are looking to put together a costume for Halloween, then your best bet is to buy one of the Genji Overwatch shirts or the hoodie as a base. From there, you can add the prop sword and attempt to piece together a helmet using your own creativity.

If you can find an old motorcycle helmet or something that gives you a starting point, you can try to customize it so it looks more like the prop mask above. There aren’t many choices to buy a complete costume that aren’t a full blown suit of armor, so it might take some creativity to piece this together to pull of Genji for this year’s costume party.

Genji Costume Guide


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