Game Of Thrones season 6 episode 8 – No One Review

Game Of Thrones season 6 episode 8 -No One Review
Lady Stoneheart,The mountain unleashed,Cersi last stand
The hound takes revenge Jamie takes Riverrun The Blackfish stands tall pictures and video clips from HBOs game of thrones used by this channel under fair use



  1. This episode was shit. Lazy ass writers…totally inconsistent with arya’s
    training. Worst episode of the whole series. Respect for not being a
    fucktard fanboy.

  2. I said it at the start of the season and members of the small council
    laughed at me. the show writers are bad story tellers and they have not got
    the rights to use wow source material and they are making it all up.

    This season is another crap whole of shit. Why not show the blackfish
    fighting the Dany scene when she walked in made no fucking sense don’t just
    say the blackfish is dead take out the Dany part and show him fighting and

    And there other shit are we getting houndstoneheart now WTF

    Book fans be reassured the book is out soon rickon is not dead nor is
    shaggydog stannis is alive and all this BS on the show is a lie

  3. I completely agree with everything you said. I understand the build up of
    the story lines, but the writing feels lazy and stingy. Give us SOMETHING!!
    Judging by the preview of the next episode, we might get a lil payoff.

  4. I agree with you the Arya story was disappointing! I liked the chase scene
    but the injury was too devastating to be believable and not seeing how she
    took out the Waife sucked. The Blackfish sucked didn’t make sense to me
    either. What did Danarys expect! She took off and left all her people there
    to die she should be happy they’re alive!

  5. I agree with you re the mountain. I am so angry. I thought he was just
    going to rip each of them a new one. My scene would have been maybe start
    off the way he did. Then walk up to the bitches … and pull the balls off
    one, and choke another with them … then bend one over and pull out his
    deformed purpled headed, manticore infected custard chucker and blow his
    dirty man milk in an ass, take another guys eye balls out one by one and
    play marbles with them, before turning on the rest – grabbing their head
    and sticking it up his own asshole then delivering a dirty chanchez fart
    that basically drowns them in manticore shit. Then finally turning back to
    Cersei and ripping off her blouse and showing her what violence is really
    like by penetrating her hairy muff, and blowing his beans up so hard that
    it comes out of her nose. Then they both smoke a cigar, and the scene fades
    to black …But that’s just me …

  6. remember what arya said to lady crane about the play… its all idiots and
    farts here or something like that?……that is what GOT show has become
    dumb jokes …. poor attention to detail , B list Hollywood BS!!

  7. Honestly, Tony I think D&D should hire you as a consultant to help them! At
    this point they seem to be lost. Have they even read the books? If they
    have their reading comprehension needs work.

  8. Don I watch your videos but so rarely comment. You eloquently stated
    EVERYTHING that I felt was lacking in this particular episode! Thank you my

  9. Where do you think VARYS is going? Just popped in my head…. What if the
    show makes him BABY AEGON????? What do you think about LITTLEFINGER’ S
    plans? TOTALLY agree about Arya. Ready to see her kill WALDER FREY

  10. ur videos are the shit tony, great content always, it is known. but on this
    one i dont know if it was only a problem for me, but each time you started
    talking about a different scene/storyline, the volume would fluctuate
    drastically. thanks, and keep the awesome videos coming bro.


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