Game of Thrones 3×4 REACTION!! “And Now His Watch Is Ended”


Eric and Calvin react to and discuss season 3 episode 4 of Game of Thrones And Now His Watch is Ended

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  1. love these so much! Was kinda hoping you would discuss Theon's comment about Ned. I thought it was really important. And also the mystery about who the guy torturing him is ;)

  2. I'm wondering if Calvin will find out about R+L=J. The show doesn't give that many hints, but there are some clues in season 5. If the hints from the books would be in the show, I'm pretty sure Calvin would've figured it out after the second book. (I got it when I read the "House of the Undying-Sequence".

  3. Good to have you back Kevin. And would you guys watch the lore story? It's on youtube, I know it's long, but just make 30 mim episodes. It would make every season WAY more…well explained I guess.

  4. Honestly Burn Gorman's character is one of the people I felt my blood boil every time I saw after Mormont died.

  5. Well, valar morghulis and valar dohaeris is a pretty common saying, so nothing odd about it, especially for someone growing up in that continent like Dany. It's kinda like westerners knowing idk, arigatou means thanks.

  6. TBH this is the first time I understood "crew at Blind Wave" in the beginning of the videos. I always thought you guys say something weird like "cruet Blind Wave" and just ignore it. And kudos to Eric to pointing out the development of Dany's musical theme, it was one of the coolest things about this ep.


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