Fresh Tv’s Total Drama, Ridonculous Race Halloween Cosplay Contest!

Terry McGurrin the voice of Don from the Ridonculous Race, and Christian Potenza the voice of Chris Mclean the Host with Most are judging Fresh Tv’s Halloween Cosplay Contest. Dress up like your favourite Total Drama, Ridonculous Race Character and prepare to judged and critiqued by none other than Chris Mclean, and Don. Leave your entries on the Fresh Tv facebook page, the SwitchBoard Facebook page, or leave a link in the comments below on this video.
We have an Island FULL of great prizes to be won. Enter as may times as you want and as many characters as you want. Creative and group/couple submissions are welcomed!
Get to it Campers!
music by
Camera and Editing by Toby Proctor
On Set Recordist and Mixer – David Stinson



  1. I’m probably gonna try this out. I actually got a shirt that looks almost
    exactly like Mike’s, except with a design on the chest and long white
    sleeves. I can’t wait to see who the winners will be!


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