Flash CW How To Foam Helmet Cosplay Costume

ready for CW Flash Season 3 with my new cosplay foam helmet in this how to do it yourself video i will show you how to make the flash cowl with foam. quick cheap and easy

link for the templates are in my Facebook photo in cosplay templates album

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  1. could you make a tutorial of how to make a mask with PC I’ve seen it
    everywhere and it looks great but IDK how to do it. I thought that you
    might enjoy a project like that anyway thanks for the vids

  2. hey sean i need help i would like to make more flexible armor because
    whenever i do armor i mod podge it spraypaint it and when it bends or moves
    around slightly the surface gets cracked

  3. Thats some excellent work man. I have been messing around with a flash
    helmet design for a while but the chin is such a pain, the elastic was a
    good solution.

  4. As you where making the mask it kinda looks like you can also make it a
    captain America mask great job I’m glad your back keep up the great work
    and will you be doing the flash suit eventually


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