Final Fantasy VII – Main Theme & Mt. Corel Theme Medley – Metal Cover


This metal medley cover contains the main theme & Mt. Corel theme from Final Fantasy VII. It was recorded to serve as the “The Shinra Electric Power Cast” theme, which was the podcast for “Final Fantasy VII: The Web Series”.

Guitars, bass, drum programming, and production by Chris Holland.



  1. Yes, I’m a part of the FFVII web series music team. I’ll be contributing both original music and FFVII remixes. I recorded this track to serve as our podcast title theme.

    I also recorded an original tune for the kickstarter video (it’s the second tune that kicks in, after Aeris’ theme)

  2. Sounds good! That ffvii web series looks really interesting.. so amazing how much this game has influenced people. That’s awesome you are on the music team. Congratulations brother.

  3. I am really sure ibstead! This will be an awesome project! Thank you Chris Holland, this is sweet and the drums in the back remember me a little of FFVIII! I dont remember which track though

  4. Oooowwww yes I remembered is the Ride On track! When using the airship!!! Epic. Listen to this from 00:20 circa. Hear the drums they are so similar to these ones!! 😉


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