El Diablo Halloween Costume Guide


It’s Halloween and you need a costume. Join your friends and form the Suicide Squad by grabbing a costume for one of the characters. This guide will walk you through the best El Diablo accessories.

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El Diablo Suicide Squad Costume – Varsity Jacket

diablo suicide squad cosplay

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Pretty much spot on. Can’t anything more other than it’s just about perfect for what you need, and low cost as well.

Diablo Face Tattoos

Diablo is reserved for the hot-head in the group that seems to be possessed by a demon. One of your friends undoubtedly fits this description, a fire-breathing knucklehead that rounds out the group cosplay or Halloween idea. Know someone that can do a few tricks with a lighter, or loves to take flaming shots at a party? He’s the guy that should dress as Diablo.

suicide squad diablo halloween

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Diablo Inmate Costume for Halloween

suicide squad inmate

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We all have friends that deserve to be locked up. You might decide to take on the prison look when dressing up as this character, and we don’t blame you. If anything, just make sure that you get the facial tattoos right, or else you might look like a fool out there with the other members of the Suicide Squad. Now get out there an make a scene and try to avoid a jail cell! Be safe friends.

El Diablo Suicide Squad Costume


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