Dr Strange Movie Review

My Dr Strange review is here! Was Marvel’s Dr Strange a good movie? Did Benedict Cumberbatch portray Stephen Strange right? Everything is covered in my Doctor Strange Movie Review! Non-Spoiler review for Doctor Strange.



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  1. +Geekdom101 Are you aware that in your video for reviewing Doctor Strange,
    one of the “commercials” Youtube put in the video is a Doctor Strange

  2. Thank you for bringing out both Eastern and Western religions. One thing
    that stood out to me was how flawed the characters were and how anyone can
    be influenced and twist their cause and even doctrine. So much depth to
    this movie that I will see it several times to wrap my mind around it.
    Great review, excellent points! Subbed!!!

  3. Geekdom, do you think with today’s cinematic effects and technology it
    would be a good time for a DBZ live action film?

    Of course if there was a good director, producer and budget!

  4. Mr. Doctor Strange* was awesome! I thought the ancient one looked like one
    punch man and when Strange did the time reversal technique I thought of

  5. im sorry but this movie was a complete stinker. yeah he come there talking
    non stop how he wants to fix his hands and he immidiatly decide that he
    wanna save the world all of a sudden. shitty story with annoying forced
    jokes all over. ppl trash bvs for this??? really? bvs at least had some
    interesting scenes. this movie was 100% stinker borefest. the only reason
    for its existance is to expand the avengers cast for futre movirs. the
    effect were even impressive. the villians. sucks as usual. terrible movie 2

  6. I love how they gave a big importance to the astral projection stuff.
    Especially since in the first few Dr. Strange stories in the Strange Tales
    era, it’s basically all he did.

  7. I loved “Civil War”, but I loved this film as well. In fact I think 2016 is
    the best year yet for the MCU in terms of quality films. Hell both CW and
    DS are amazing films and break new grounds in different way in my opinion.

  8. It is in the top tier of Marvel movies for me but I have to see it a couple
    more times to give it a better ranking.

    *Plays the beat to Jay-Z’s “A Million and One Questions*

    What is your opinion on other people of color trying to shame POC’s into
    boycotting the movie?

    How did you feel about the retcon of Wong in the film?

    Who stole the movie acting wise?

    Where would you rank the first secret ending credit in the history of MCU

  9. nice review. but its not that good. id give it a 7.6
    it was all too rushed and 30-40 mins too short. nothing in this film
    earned. development for all characters were told to quickly. the film felt
    so incomplete and needed work. it was no where as good as guardians, winter
    sold, civil war, avengers 1


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