Dr Alchemy Creates Earth-1 Killer Frost? – The Flash Season 3

Dr Alchemy creates Earth-1 Killer Frost? – The Flash Season 3. The Flash Kid Flash, Black Siren, Arrow Season 5, Supergirl Season 2 and Legends of Tomorrow Season 2!

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The Flash Season 3 Trailer Breakdown
The Flash Season 3 Trailer Breakdown
The Flash Season 3 Trailer Breakdown

Dr Alchemy creates Earth-1 Killer Frost? – The Flash Season 3

The Flash 3×01
The Flash Season 3
The Flash Season 3 Trailer
Arrow Season 5
Arrow Season 5 Trailer



  1. I hope her mom doesn’t give her the cold shoulder. she might be a little
    frosty. maybe even bitter cold toward her daughter. she might cause chills.

  2. I hope they introduce the metagene to the show. Overall I think this is a
    good move from the show. Having every villain as a result of the central
    city particle accelerator explosion was getting formulaic and limited the
    size of the world too much.

  3. correct if im wrong but though Dr.Snow on earth 1 didnt have the meta human
    gene? I thought it was stated in season 2 of Flash.

  4. It could possibly be Crystal Frost or Louise Lincoln (the other comic
    versions of Killer Frost) and once they appear the media or Cisco gives
    them the Killer Frost name. Perhaps even Caitlyn’s mother.

  5. I can’t see how moving really fast is going to help beat dr alchemy, i
    really love the flash, and i know what he can do, but i really think he’s
    going to need help with this one

  6. If Earth 1 Caitlin does become the New Killer Frost, I think she will be
    very different to Earth 2 Killer Frost. I don’t think E1 Caitlin will
    become evil, but perhaps she develops a split personality under extreme
    stress caused by her mother, and this split personality/Killer Frost
    persona will seek to kill her mother, while Barry has to stop her without
    hurting her and bring the Caitlin personality out again while subduing the
    Killer Frost persona. Kind of like the Huntress trying to kill her father
    in Arrow and the split personality disorder would be like Dr Jekyll and Mr
    Hyde, or Dr Curt Connors and the Lizard.


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