Donald Glover Cast As Lando, Rogue One Tickets On Sale Soon – Collider Jedi Council

Today is October 27th, 2016 and it’s an all new Collider Jedi Council hosted by Kristian Harloff with John Campea and Perri Nemiroff.

Jedi Council is packed with a ton of news today including the big news about Donald Glover being tapped to play a young Lando Calrissian in the Star Wars spin-off centering around Han Solo. Along with that news, another rumor has popped up about a new and more dangerous Storm Trooper dubbed The Executioner being a part of Episode VIII.

Other stories include Rogue One tickets going on sale on November 7, another possible cameo appearing in Rogue One, the Han Solo movie featuring a game of Sabbac and much more!

Included are the segments ‘What’s the Deal with Canon’ and ‘A Short Time Ago, In a Tweet Far, Far Away…’ where the Council talk all things outside of the movies followed by answering the fans questions on all things Star Wars! Enjoy the show!

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  1. What If Krennic orders his deathtroopers to kill Vader and Vader ends up
    killing all of them and killing Krennic. Wouldn’t that be cool especially
    if we see how deadly they are and how easily they die when fighting Vader.

  2. Kristian, I have to respectfully clarify an important destinction to
    something you said, We find out who is Luke’s Father in episode 4, not in
    5. We find out who is Vader under the mask in 5. The opposite is true in
    Force Awakens, We find out who is Kylo Ren under the mask 7, then I suspect
    find out Ray’s lineage in 8.

  3. I love seeing Perri on Jedi Council, I don’t dislike Tiffany she’s great
    but sometimes I can’t stand how childish she is which is saying something
    with Ellis also being on the show.

  4. Regarding Finn, I don’t get this whole thing about him being this amazing,
    gifted, promising Stormtrooper. Wasn’t he in sanitation? That doesn’t sound
    like an assignment for one of the most promising recruits.

  5. What was Chewie and Lando referencing when they first landed on Bespin?
    A.C. Crispin wrote a great Han Solo triology. In the third book is where
    the incedent takes place. Technically, it’s not cannon anymore but it’s out

  6. Still think a Han Solo film(s) is a bad idea, how many more films will be
    made based on a line of dialogue in the original trilogy.

  7. I don’t agree with the argument that they need to show non fans of star
    wars when this movie takes place because no one makes that argument with
    the marvel movies. For example I have no idea when and where doctor strange
    takes place. Same way I felt with guardians of the galaxy.

  8. How would you feel if ray is palpatines granddaughter and turns on luke and
    kills him as he is asking for her help and says ” this is for my grandad
    sidius” be pretty cool in my opinion

  9. …I was twelve when Episode I came out. never had read any of the
    books…and it was quite clear that Palpatine/Sidious/The Emperor were all
    the same man.

  10. My theory on Snoke: he’s dead. He’s a dark side force ghost. The Acolytes
    of the Beyond or the fledgling First Order or someone made contact with him
    when they went to the Unknown Regions. He promised to make the First Order
    more powerful than the Empire ever was. Kylo Ren is trying to train himself
    to be the host for Snoke’s Force essence. In the end, I think Snoke is in
    it for his own benefit and the First Order will realize that when it’s too
    late and they will have to join with the Resistance to defeat him in Ep IX
    or beyond. Just a theory.

  11. Willing to bet that Han gets an Idiots Array to win at Sabaac.
    Really hoping they stick with the rules of the game as established by the
    various novels. I don’t know that it’s been featured in new cannon, but I
    mean the rules are there. Better to already have the same game than invent
    a brand new one.

  12. The have to reveal Rey’s parentage in 8 or else it’s just awful story
    telling. Doesn’t have to be that important of a character, but why have a
    scene like this : Maz Kanata – “who’s the girl?” **cut**

  13. Thrawn will be sent into deep space by the Emperor at the end of rebels. A
    scenario that will play into the 1st order somehow.

  14. What if Thrawn goes into hiding for the original trilogy… or something
    like that. And then comes back in a later trilogy?

  15. People definitely know who Donald Glover is, especially if they’re familiar
    with *Community* or his musical persona Childish Gambino. He’s perfect for
    this part; it was a no brainer for LucasFilm to cast him.

    I feel that Captain Phasma should be Finn’s foil for the film. This
    “Executioner” sounds cool I suppose, but he/she shouldn’t be a primary
    antagonist. He/she should be a subordinate of Phase that shows up, has a
    cool fight, and gets taken out so Phasma can take prominence…unless of
    course she *is* the “Executioner”.

  16. .My rudimentary idea for a Han Solo Star Wars movie…

    The story should go: An established and famous rogue, Lando, claims to all
    that simply no one can make the Kessel run in “less than 12 parsecs”. So
    sure he is of its impossibility, that he boastfully offers an unheard of
    sum in a wager. An upstart and aspiring scoundrel, Han, admires and envies
    Lando his constant successes. Han boldly claims that he, of course, can
    make the run easily. Lando scoffs but accepts his claim as he traps Han
    into a wager. Lando gives him a set time constraint to accomplish said
    goal. Should he lose the wager. Han would then be forced to pull an
    impossible and deadly job against the empire, either result ending in
    Lando’s gain. In that interim heist planning time, we learn that Han is
    swarthy and clever but not smooth in accomplishing the myriad of tasks he
    must to accomplish the run. Somehow along the way,Han happens to
    harrowingly free and acquire a furry co-pilot. Cleverly it is revealed that
    the genius of Han’s plan is to end up skirting the rules by capturing the
    use of Lando’s “fabled” ship and impossibly accomplishing the Kessel Run,
    pushing even its legendary capabilities to the limit. Lando is stymied in
    losing the bet and angry at the theft, but as an honorable scoundrel, must
    pay the exorbitant reward. Han offers the alternative. He and his new found
    Wookie ally will instead take the Falcon as the prize, despite its credit
    value being less. Chewie growls at his new companion’s madness, but Han
    sees the monetary value of the fastest ship in the galaxy. It should end
    with very little gained by Han, excluding this cantankerous fuzz-ball
    companion and a legendarily fast cargo ship, that in the last shot sputters
    and reveals to be less pristine as it has been heralded as. Copyright

  17. I didn`t care much about the Han Solo movie, until they mention how that
    Sabbac game has to be in the movie.
    Now I can`t wait!


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