Doctor Strange End Credits THOR Breakdown

Doctor Strange Ending Thor today! Breakdown & reaction to Thor Ragnarok mid credits scene! Loki! Odin! Easter Eggs! References!

Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph gives a breakdown of the end credits scene in Doctor Strange featuring Thor aka Chris Hemsworth! Spoilers! Thor Ragnarok predictions! What’s your reaction to the ending and do you agree that this is what’s next for Doctor Strange and Thor in Thor Ragnarok in 2017? Loki! Hela! Thanos! Soul Stone! Time Stone! Review these end credits scene theories now that you’ve seen the full movie and ending! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on YouTube today!

Infinity Stones Update

Thor & End Credit Scenes – 00:00
The Age of Thor Begins – 00:55
End Credits Recap – 1:20
Thor, Comedian – 3:54
Thor Ragnarok & Guardians of the Galaxy – 5:10
A Scene from Thor Ragnarok – 6:19
How big will Doctor Strange’s role be in Thor 3? – 8:08
Loki & Doctor Strange – 9:18
Doctor Strange & Asgard – 9:57
Loki post Doctor Strange – 11:05
Planet Hulk – 11:47
Hela, Thanos & Soul Stone – 12:13

Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!



  1. I’m going to see Dr. Strange tomorrow., well… today since it’s after
    midnight right now. But yesterday, Sunday, I watched a BBC series about
    British Magicians, which someone recommended a while ago, called Jonathan
    Strange & Mr. Norrell. I actually liked it a lot more than I thought I

  2. All the infiniti stones are found in places whose initials spell
    T.H.A.N.O.S. so Hela is a good guess since the final one would correspond
    with the letter H.

  3. Grace Question: Thoughts on the two scenes??? I think they should have used
    the Thor scene at the end instead of it being a mid-credit scene. The other
    scene had me leaving the cinema on a downer. With Thor scene at least you
    would leave the cinema in high spirits. Part of what kept me excited after
    leaving Civil War was Spiderman Homecoming Tease. When you end with a scene
    which is only to position a sequel it leaves the movie feeling unfinished.
    In contrast Black Panther and Spiderman are new stories to get excited
    about. What are your thoughts? EMOJI EMOJI EMOJI EMOJI EMOJI EMOJI EMOJI

  4. I see the soul gem being with Heimdal, and specifically, his eyes. He said
    in the first Thor film that he can see every “soul” across the 9 worlds,
    choosing that word very carefully. Also, his eyes glow orange, the same
    color as the one infinity stone we haven’t seen yet. Furthermore, that
    “thor vision” sequence in A:AoU shows a blinded Heimdal, with completely
    whited-out eyes. I can see something really brutal happening to Heimdal
    where Thanos or whoever just…rips the soul gem from him (maybe it’s that
    orange stone on his breastplate), taking his ability to see every soul in
    the 9 realms.

    Just a thought.

  5. Hi Grace!! I saw Dr. Strange this past weekend. (Loved it!) The first thing
    I thought when I left was “Man, I wish I saw it in 3D!”. My family is going
    this week and I just can’t convince them that this needs to be seen in 3D.
    Do you think there could be better marketing towards seeing a film in 3D or
    is it all really just matter of personal prejudice? Love your content!!
    ~Kez ❤

  6. Grace, I wish they go full on 80s Saturday morning cartoon, too. In fact,
    lately that’s all I’m obsessing about.

    I hope DCEU takes a note from that for Green Lantern Corps. Think about
    it.. the 80s sure liked their prisms and rainbows. Imagine a War of the
    Lights done in that style!

  7. Oh Grace, I love your videos. I finally saw Dr. Strange last night and
    watched your spoiler review. Tonight I watched IGN’s spoilercast of the
    movie and it was so incredibly depressing. It feels so good to come back to
    the positive side of things. haha

  8. I’m pretty sure the Eye of Agamotto was put in it’s holder in Kamar-Taj at
    the end of the movie (Doctor Strange). So Loki couldn’t get it even if he
    was inside the Sanctum Sanctorum, but he doesn’t have a great reputation on
    Earth, so I can see why Thor would leave him outside. Doctor Strange even
    says that he’s got a list of mystical threats to Earth and Loki is on it.


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