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Doctor Strange 2 Sequel today! Beyond The Trailer breakdown! Scarlet Witch! Dormammu’s Clea! Mordo! Brother Voodoo! Nico Minoru!

Doctor Strange 2 Sequel today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph’s reaction and review of the idea of a sequel to Doctor Strange in the Marvel Cinematic Universe aka MCU! Will Kevin Feige add Scarlet Witch to learn about her magic?! Dormammu’s niece Clea? Will Mordo hunt down Jericho Drumm aka Brother Voodoo and Tina Minoru’s daughter Nico Minoru? More artifacts for each sanctum in New York, London and Hong Kong? What do you want to see as the story in the sequel Doctor Strange 2 now that you’ve seen the first full movie? And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on YouTube today!

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Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!



  1. GRACE DAMMIT!! I LOVE IT!!! It’s such a beautiful idea!! Bringing in Wanda
    and Vision would be perfect for Doctor Strange 2!!! Since they don’t have
    standalone movies, bringing in one or the two would be very beneficial to
    their development as characters, and what better team up than Strange
    Scarlet Vision!! It almost seems like a no brainer. You always get me
    roweled up with your sequel ideas for Marvel.

  2. 8:28. The Netflix characters are already in the MCU… And that thing about
    Wanda using magic like Doctor strange but it’s just unfocused, is pretty
    freaking brilliant!!

  3. Fyi, in the prelude comic book of “Avengers: Age Of Ultron”, it’s confirmed
    that the mind stone (Loki’s scepter) didn’t “give” Wanda and Pietro their
    powers during their HYDRA experiment, instead, it “unlocked” the powers
    within them. So, that explains a lot on why they are the only few humans
    who are actually superpowered and survived the experiment. Who knows, if
    they happened to stumble across the terrigen crytals instead of hydra, they
    could become inhumans. So, yes, Wanda Maximoff has already been enhanced
    since before she volunteered for the experiment. Take some training from
    the Sorcerer Surpreme himself could enhance her powers even more, maybe her
    power sets could become much more powerful than Doctor Strange than we even
    realize. Even in the comics, Strange was shocked because he had no idea
    that “Chaos Magic” actually existed until Wanda unleashed it and brought
    chaos to all realities and existence. This pretty much shows that Wanda is
    still the most powerful Avenger or the most powerful hero so far in the
    MCU, she’s just don’t know it yet. Her powers could kill people before she
    even realizes it. Hulk and Thor are the strongest, that’s different. We’re
    talking about true powers here which could be the key of defeating Thanos.
    If she reaches that “Chaos Witch Mode” like she did in the comics, Thanos
    is gonna have a really hard time knocking her down.

  4. Dr. Strange reminded me of ANIME for some reason. Like Avatar the Last
    Airbender and Erased (not specifically limited to those 2)… Just the way
    the movie feels. 2. BTW Strange’s surgical rival (Dr. Nicodemus West) looks
    a lot like Joaquin Phoenix.

  5. when do you think he will become sorcerer supreme? because he didn’t become
    in the end! which was for me very surprising! like what? i wander in which
    story they will do that because if they didn’t did that already… that’s
    mean they keeping it to a movie or a storyline which will be amazingly
    large and big enough! what do you think? why do you think they didn’t made
    his sorcerer supreme in the end?

  6. Hey Grace,
    Do you think the line “too many sorcerers” could be adapted into a
    replacement for the “no more mutants” story line. As in mordo brings Wanda
    to his side to try to rid the world of sorcerers? I think this could be a
    cool idea.

  7. I see daredevil fixing into Spider-Man and stuff. Same with maybe the rest
    of defenders. Just with Spider-Man since he is a street fighter at heart
    like dd and jj and ll and if. Man a lot of those guys have the same letters
    in there nane

  8. Wanda aka Scarlet Witch is stronger than Doctor Strange, she’s infinity
    powered, while he draws on the power of the Eye if he every loses it Wanda
    will still be infinity powered.

  9. I definitely agree about bringing in Scarlet Witch for a Doctor Strange
    sequel so that she can focus her powers and we can have a fun
    teacher/student dynamic going. A villain I’d love to see in a Doctor
    Strange film is Nightmare. I think the possibilities in a dream dimension +
    Scott’s work in horror would make him a perfect villain. I could see
    Nightmare playing a role of trying to unhinge Scarlet Witch in some way to
    use her powers or something like that.

    With the Mordo story going on, whether they wanted to involve Nightmare or
    not in the sequel, I believe Mordo wanting to hunt down Scarlet Witch is a
    very easy story to tell with the destruction she has already caused as well
    as whatever she might do in Infinity War.

  10. what if infinity war is about thanos trying to get the last stone and being
    stopped moments before completing the gauntlet?

  11. With the Ancient One dead, London sanctum destroyed, Mordo on the loose,
    and Doctor Strange still new at magic, there’s a lot of mess to clean up in
    this world.

  12. I’m a bit confused now though when I think about it with regards to Scarlet
    Witch’s powers and that now they are magic. I mean it’s a simple way to fix
    things you know when you said that it’s just unfocused magic but when you
    trace down her origins in the MCU she got her powers from the mind stone.
    So what now, does that mean that Vision and Quicksilver are magic? Or will
    she have a different powerset i.e. Mindstone powers + Magic? I mean I kinda
    get that the Eye of Agamotto is the Time stone which makes sense for
    Scarlet Witch to also gain magic from another Infinity Stone (even if the
    Time Stone is just a fraction of Dr Strange’s magical powers) but I think
    it kinda blurs a few lines which makes things confusing or I’m just over
    analyzing shit again.

    EDIT: lol disregard this, I just saw a few comments below that somehow
    cleared my confusion. Now I know that the mind stone didn’t give them
    powers just “unlocked” them. So yeah, I can now contemplate in peace.

  13. it’s awesome that you talk about oath, because in belgium they have an
    action where they give that comic with the movie (if you buy something at
    the stand)

  14. Doctor Strange & scarlet witch notice a spike in magic in the uk they go to
    investigat while tryin the find the omniversal guardian Merlin as he hand
    over the reins to roma & witness the birth of captain Britain & some bad
    stuff happens aslong as the interdouce captain Britain ill be Happy


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