DEATH TROOPERS – Rogue One A Star Wars Story

You guys have asked for some Rogue One videos, so here is one to start it off! Death Troopers, what, who, why?!

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  1. i thought stormtroopers have an aiming system inside their helmets. Still
    doesn’t explain how they miss so much. In episode 4 you can make the
    argument that they missed on purpose, to let Luke and friends think they
    got away in order for the empire to track em. Anyways, great video. looking
    forward to your 3rd installment of “what if Darth Maul trained Anakin.

  2. Why can’t Jedi fly? I know it doesn’t have to do with this video but mean,
    for one isn’t it just sustained force jumping? Two, what have we seen in
    cannon that separates Sith from Jedi in terms of powers, not that I see a
    reason Sith couldn’t? And I guess my third and final quandary is if they
    can use telekinesis on things around them, why not themselves? Your vids
    are great btw.

  3. To be fair storm troopers were suppose to miss shots on their target, but
    when Vader and papatine wanted them to kill they did with accuracy

  4. You are wrong about stormtroopers having bad aim. Even Obi Wan says
    stormtroopers are accurate in ANH. Do more research please…

  5. What are your thoughts on the characters in rogue one Star Wars Theory? I
    like the look and sound of all of them, particularly Biston the Space
    Monkey. That aside I think all the characters are gonna be killed, I dont
    see anyone getting out of this alive, because where did they go in ep IV?

  6. Is being tall a requirement to be a death trooper? I’d find a 2 ft tall
    death trooper intimidating, as they can infiltrate a variety of confined
    spaces easier

  7. One thing I don’t get is Han still didn’t believe in the Force when Vader
    blocked his blaster bolts in Episode V with his gauntlet, and even sucked
    his blaster right out of his hand with the Force. What did Han think?
    Vader’s magnetic? Probably

  8. lol, when George Lucas made the stormtroopers, he thought long and hard
    about their every detail and lore, but when Disney made the deathtroopers,
    they just took a bunch of thin 7 – foot tall thin guys and strapped them in
    armor plating.

  9. I really like the idea of the death troopers mainly serving one person, but
    it made me think, vader got really screwed over :’D he only had access to
    storm troopers in the movies, while Palpatine had the royal guards and this
    newer character gets death troopers. Although I suppose vader didn’t
    necessarily need protection.

  10. Good video but Storm troopers weren’t useless. They where well trained and
    in The Death Star They where ordered to miss so Luke could escape and lead
    them to the Rebel Base, and in episode 6 They where in a forest that they
    unfamiliar with, and the Ewoks lived in there whole lives… And there is
    the small fact that Ewoks are known as small Wookis knowing that a single
    Ewok is Stronger than a full grown Gorilla!

  11. stormtroopers where ordered to miss the main characters. so they could
    track them down and find the rebellion as a whole.

  12. i still don’t get it. is rouge one gonna be betwen revange of the sith and
    new hope or after the force aweknes?


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