Deadpool is a minifigure in the Marvel Super Heroes

Deadpool’s head is mainly red, with black ovals with white dots in the middle, representing eye slits. His torso has printing to depict his body shape through the tight suit, black wavy strips on the sides, and a utility belt on the bottom of the torso. He has black arms with red hands. His legs continue the wavy stripes. On the left leg there is a few pouches. He has back printing depicting his belt, the black strips from the front, and the how suit fits against his back. Deadpool comes with a scabbard (first utilized by Dastan), two swords, and a gun used by the ADU in Alien Conquest.

Wolverine is a minifigure in the Marvel Super Heroes

Wolverine has the same black slicked up hair as the Vampire from Studios. His face has sideburns and is double-sided with straight faced and angry expressions. His torso is yellow with printing to depict his costume while he is with the X-Men, hence the belt. He has two earth blue stripes running down both sides of his torso and onto his yellow legs. There is back printing depicting how the suit fits against his back, at the top of the torso is part of his iconic mask (depicted as a hood), the continuation of the blue jagged strips and the belt. His arms are light nougat and his hands are dark blue, depicting him as sleeveles with gloves. He comes with two new claw parts which are also used on the Monster Fighters Werewolf.

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