Damian Wayne Meets Superman’s Son (DC Rebirth Superman Vol 3: In The Name Of The Father)

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  1. I love your videos, I love anime and comics, most of all I love the history
    of characters. I appreciate all your videos you make and look forward to

  2. i thought damian has superpowers bcoz of the red stone batman used to bring
    him back from dead as shown in batman vs darkseid

  3. technically, superman’s first son, superboy (the one cadmus created) had
    the same issue where he didn’t have all of superman’s powers because he was
    half human

  4. I’m not going to lie….Damian Wayne gets on my nerves….But I have
    enjoyed his story arc of coming of age and hope they don’t do a permanent
    kill-off of him. I like the idea of these guys in the Teen Titans. I think
    it would fit the young Justice League motif well.


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