Look, they may not be Superman, but neither one of them are Powerless! In this week’s versus clip, Danny Pudi and Ron Funches from DC’s new comedy drop by to debate who would win between their favorite heroes—Blue Beetle or Elongated Man! Will Blue Beetle’s insect-inspired techno-savvy win the day? Or will Elongated Man stretch out a victory? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below…or vote for your favorite in our poll!

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  1. i am not against the versus cathegory…but I hate these hosts and I certainly hate powerless series

  2. Oh hey, it’s two of my favorite heroes! One’s a guy who’s a better detective than Batman, and the other’s a man who’s smarter than Batman.

    I don’t like Batman.

    Oh, and in this fight, my money is on Ted. Sorry Ralph.

  3. Elongated Man not strong and durable as Plastic Man (not even close).. So Ted could pull this off his intelligence and gadgets.

  4. And whats the deal with saying !? You americans should stop this madness. Even in a official comicbook channell !!
    We can understand how agile Ted is , you dont need to say those words..

    These hosts are retarded or the script they gave to them… Just try to classy dudes.. If you try to be fun.. Just watch screwattack/death battle videos then.


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