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Batman vs Superman who wins in 2016?! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph gives her breakdown on Ben Affleck vs Henry Cavill!

Batman v Superman 2016 has moviegoers asking one big question, who will be the winner?! Ben Affleck’s Batman wins? Henry Cavill’s Superman wins? Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph gives her breakdown of the coming fight aka battle in Zack Snyder’s 2016 movie! From the origins in the comic to what’s happened so far in the DC Cinematic Universe, enjoy this breakdown aka review of the Batman vs Superman fight before you see the full movie in 2016! And make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for entertainment news on YouTube today!

Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!



  1. i think supes will try harder not to cross that line. Many times wjmhen a person crosses the line they rember that and fight not to go there

  2. One of the greatest martial arts masters in the DCU "can't beat" an untrained, overconfident, inexperienced Superman? Sorry, but if you're worried about fan reactions to the movie, if Superman almost Superboy actually defeats the Batman, that would be a massive fail. The Batman is going to use every one of Clark's strengths against him. Mark my words. Game, match: Batman.

  3. Of coarse Batman will win1. He can easily manipulate Superman into making him drop down crying before Supes does anything! 2. Is it really fair making Batman's first impression a bad one? Warner brothers wants the (non)fans connect with that character. If Batman would have lost, the (non)fans would lose faith in the character. Making less money in his trilogy.

  4. "Batman wins because he's Batman" sounds like a Chuck Norris joke. Why didn't he beat Bane because he's Batman? Batman has become what Superman used to be and people are getting tired of tired of it. Superman is now the underdog!! funny enough…Who wins in a Batman V Superman fight ultimately depends on what mood Superman is. If he is the aggressor, there's nothing your beloved Batman can do even if he has kryptonite. If Batman is the aggresor, Superman still controls how far he wants Batman to go and could end the fight anytime. Batman can't keep up, he is freaking human. He couldn't even keep up with Bane.My prediction- Batman loses but he will look extremely badass trying plus he will most likely act like a warrior and try to force Superman to kill him like Zod did but Supes will spare him, of course. Batman is going to be wrong and act very unreasonably in this movie…From the trailer, I think it's fair to assume that Superman destroys the armor…

  5. Batman wins this fight for sure and here is why, Superman indirectly caused the arrival of general zod, his very being sent to earth by his father is what brought krypton's unresolved problems to earth, millions of people were lost in man of steel so that he could be here, also he really has no right at all to intervene in humanity affairs, he's an international incident waiting to happen, or an alien dictatorship waiting to happen. These are all things Batman understands being a defender of people against evil for such a long time. Batman has to show Superman that if he's going to be here, he has to know that what he can do is limited, that we can stop him, and the dark knight is undoubtedly going to prove that.

  6. +beyond the trailer So let me get this straight, according to you superman killing ZOD as he is about to kill an innocent family of people is a "Criminal" act. UTTER NONSENSE. 

  7. My prediction is there will be 2 fights: first one Batman initiates the fight but Superman overwhelms him. Batman studies the first fight, constructs the armored suit and comes after him again and wins the second round.My true feelings are that I don't want either of them to win as I love both characters. But I'm sure Batman will win for obvious reasons and because of that I'm slightly on the underdog's side (yes Supes is the underdog here).Grace I know you dislike Cavil's Superman. As for me I like him, but I do worry about his portrayal in this movie more so than any other character.


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